MW4D IG bi-monthly call

02 Feb 2009


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Stephane Boyera (W3C), Ken Banks (kiwanja.net), Raphael Dard (Intracen), Richard Scullin (MobileEd.org), Arun Kumar (IBM), Betty Purwandari (Univ. of Southampton), Adesina Iluyemi (Invited Expert), Lauri Hirvonen (Nokia)
Ken Banks
Stephane Boyera



approval of last meeting minutes


lauri: ok

steph: ok

ken: approved !

review of action items

<kiwanja> q

<scribe> pending: Nicolas to send a link to the list of issues he already

identified, some related to mobile internet some not

Lauri to send info about unesco project

lauri: no time yet, so pending

Lauri to report on Nokia work in education cursus in


Lauri: pending

Lauri to send link to Nokia Magazine

Lauri: pending

<Raphael> I also have a pending Action

raphael to send a summary of the project review in


<Raphael> Will send an updated version

Raphael: yes, i'm late

the project has evolved and will get a summry of the change

steph: timeline for your system ?

raphael: first mockup tomorrow but final demo first week of march

Raphael: with few people at that time

Adesina: going small is very very wise

environment complex

<Adesina> yES

Raphael: we had discussion on technologies, it is tricky to get in touch with local operator
... will like to learn from other initiative like cellbazar

<Adesina> Cellbazaar?


<Adesina> I have a paper in the proceedings

<Raphael> Raphael asked if we could add numbers to the roadmap titles

<Raphael> Steph says OK

<Raphael> As well as a table of content.

<Raphael> OK as well

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]