eGovernment Interest Group Teleconference

21 Jan 2009

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josema, rachel, john, kevin, owen, oscar
kevin, john


Appoint a scribe

<kevin> I am here on IRC and about to jump on the conference line.

<john> I can scribe if Kevin wants to chair?

<scribe> scribe: josema

Aagenda adjustments


Debrief of recent Kevin/TimBL meeting

kevin: met with TimBL at MIT, talked about challenges
... eGov activity being long term, challenges of our first year
... talked about optimism around Obama
... issues paper important for people like new administration in the US
... to understand importance of open standards, etc.
... Obama also talking about US being recognized as the lead in initiatives
... we need to review charter by May
... setup agenda for next 1-2 years
... overall a good conversation
... Tim to give keynote at TED event, gave him some ideas
... also to Karen Myers, speech to focus on openness and transparency
... start on capitalizing on opportunities with new US Admin.
... also had lunch with KM, talked about our focus on high level issues
... the need of coordination with other Groups at W3C
... the policy vs. technology differences
... the upcoming AC Meeting, much strategic discussion expected
... development vs. deployment, need to get a better and bigger picture
... talked to TimBL about meeting at TWB back in November 2008
... there was discussion about technological issues in developing countries
... financial data, government services
... Tim thinks it was a great brainstorming session, but not many conclusions yet
... TWB championing eGov architecture in dev. countries??
... need to work with legacy systems, but also long-term planning and new infrastructure in place

[connection between open government and open standards]

john: interesting how we can make SW work for Gov
... there are some practical things that are easy to do and can be done today
... those would be the building blocks for future apps

owen: any specific actions came out of the meeting?

kevin: 1)publish our document, maybe in pieces??, 2)re-charter, 3)asked Tim, others to support our work, 4)funding, emphasized the importance of our work
... 5)need to outreach in conferences

owen: good, I will think about it and things we could do to support those

Confirmed: 2nd F2F @ AIA (12-13 March 2009)

kevin: confirmed meeting at AIA, board room can host up to 65??
... calls are good, but some F2F could also help us focus better
... on where we are, what we should do, how to move forward
... expect it will help energize people
... also taking advantage of new US Admin.

rachel: I'm disappointed because of not getting more people on calls
... understand all very busy, but this is an important and huge topic

kevin: agree

owen: I presume people are not in calls because they have more urgent and important things to do
... we should try to reflect the issues they are trying to solve in the paper
... I think it's because people is busy, not because they are not interested

Editor's draft

[kevin on document authorship]

[jose on authorship, message is coming, sorry for the delay]

john: besides draft, how can we encourage people to attend?
... we organized a barcamp recently and 150+ people showed up
... seats were gone in just 24 hours??

<ocr> hi all

[jose on lowering barriers as much as possible]

<ocr> sorry for being late - coming from the never ending meeting :(

kevin: yes, room holds 65
... if we could have a very good speaker, that could also help

owen: any idea on who?

kevin: not yet, maybe someone from the Obama administration
... tried to get one from the campaign to speak at AIA but everybody too busy right now

owen: obviously the head of technology of his transition Team, but probably a long shot

kevin: I agree

rachel: let me think about it

owen: I'll give it some thought, too

kevin: reaching out to FIRM, so maybe they would like to participate, too
... thanks Owen for putting us in touch, btw

owen: ok

john: I don't think it would be difficult to get a bunch of people
... many people interested in discussing pressing issues
... if we can have an easy way for people to figure out how to participate
... we may use some tools
... will use my Twitter

[[/me did this so far:






kevin: we may have a PR piece that we could circulate to those

<john> like always Jose, one step ahead

jose: what else to do besides that?

kevin: we are doing our best effort, let's outreach to our networks

jose: very much believe we need to get the draft out, and things will change for better

kevin: agree

<john> Have tweeted: http://twitter.com/johnlsheridan/status/1136357938

owen: in my experience, this comes down to 2-3 committed individuals to do the drafting

CEN eGov-Share comments sent


jose: nothing to add, just wanted to have this topic here to let people know

New Use Cases

[[ http://www.w3.org/2007/eGov/IG/wiki/Use_Case_10_-_Persistent_URIs




[jose on need for stable location, plans to use RDFa, automate stuff and provide metadata]

[first drafty sketch: http://www.w3.org/2007/eGov/IG/UseCases/, based on SWEO stuff]

[kevin, john agree]

[jose on difference between use cases and case studies]

jose:many thanks to Martin Alvarez (W3C.es) for helping me put together the stuff!

[john on how government changes and persistence]

john: whitehouse.gov as example, fully changed yesterday

owen: I haven't realized, but I was just trying to find a OMB circular that is not available now

rachel: maybe at a different address than where it was last night
... still working on two use cases

ACTION rachel to provide use case on social media

<trackbot> Created ACTION-42 - Provide use case on social media [on Rachel Flagg - due 2009-01-28].

ACTION rachel to provide use case on "plain language"

<trackbot> Created ACTION-43 - Provide use case on \"plain language\" [on Rachel Flagg - due 2009-01-28].

Deadlines and completeness


[jose on deadlines]

jose: propose 28 February as hard deadline

kevin: ok

john: ok

oscar: also interested in interop

jose: I'm putting john, oscar there

Open Actions


[most related to use cases, hoping they'll be coming, no more urgent issues there]

Next Meeting

next meeting: 4 Feb; 14:00Z


Summary of Action Items

ACTION-42 - Provide use case on social media [on Rachel Flagg - due 2009-01-28]

ACTION-43 - Provide use case on \"plain language\" [on Rachel Flagg - due 2009-01-28].

[End of minutes]

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