W3C eGov IG - CEN eGov-Share comments

This document presents the comments on behalf of the W3C eGov IG of the information provided by CEN on the draft WS/eGov-Share CWA.

The eGov IG recognizes that the CEN WS/eGov-Share work tries to solve a common problem faced by several governments, therefore its content fits reasonably within the eGov IG area of concern. In fact, the issue about the need for a common public service model has been discussed within the eGov IG and a related draft use case has already been compiled. The eGov IG also welcomes the use of several W3C technologies such as RDF and OWL for CEN's workshop work.

However, (the egov IG has concluded based on the available documentation) that the CEN target is to actually elaborate a very detailed specification, including RDF descriptions, an evaluation of approaches and tools, etc. This level of detail is out of scope of the eGov IG which is not chartered to do any recommendation track work. If the eGov IG decides at a later stage to pursue the idea outlined in the draft use case mentioned above, CEN's work will be reviewed in more detail and taken as input.

We encourage the CEN eGov-Share to also add as input for the eGov IG at least one use case reflecting the outcome of its work and the most important issues found in achieving its goals, as well as considering other use cases detailing the pilots mentioned in some of the press material (e.g. 300 municipalities in Germany).

For Kevin Novak and John Sheridan (W3C eGov IG Chairs),
Jose M. Alonso (W3C eGov IG staff contact)

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