SVG Interest Group Teleconference

08 Jan 2009

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<trackbot> Date: 08 January 2009

<JeffSchiller> JeffSchiller, aacc is me

<stelt> stelt is listening over phone

<shepazu> scribeNick: gwadej

JeffSchiller: SVG Open issues

<Donald_Doherty> Jeff, I'm on IRC on both HCLS and SVGIG. I'll be just looking in from time to time.

<JeffSchiller> Donald_Doherty: np, thanks

shepazu: Google and Mozilla talking about sponsoring
... Google may provide venue
... not sure about local contacts and what they would need to do.

JeffSchiller: if Brad Newberg is working on it we might be able to get some help from him

shepazu: We need to decide what needs to be done locally
... since much would be done by phone, could be done non-locally as well.

Stelt: Google has geek meetings all the time, so good venue
... Google would have wifi and such handled

shepazu: we could trust a lot if Google did it
... maybe a few days before.
... might be better on the weekends, maybe better turnout

Rob_Russell: Depends on the audience

shepazu: during the week everyone works or whatever. Weekends more likely to be free.

gwadej: weekends for family

shepazu: technical presentations on the weekday
... maybe overlap end of week over weekend

<JeffSchiller> http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2007/11/12/Bad-Ruby

shepazu: Maybe Google provide better venue on weekend?
... don't know about Pittsburg as a location. Been there nice.
... maybe Boston, or Bay area.
... not enough information for deciding location
... stelt has most planning expeience
... call for papers even without venue decision
... abstract even without knowing and might be willing to decide if chosen.

stelt: If someone from Mozilla is willing to help, we might be able to get more info

shepazu: Rob has contact with Mozilla

Rob_Russell: Direct questions to Jonathan to push for Mozilla help.

shepazu: good chance to get Mozilla to sponsor
... Robert O'Callahan?
... others at Mozilla might be able to come

JeffSchiller: Maybe invite someone like Sam Ruby to give a keynote

shepazu: Might bring in more from IBM
... Shelley Powers?
... present, not necessarily a keynote, but present and promote book.

<stelt> Cant we finalize (make sure) on Google venue and then let Andreas do the call?

stelt: seemed like it was close to certain, maybe we can push a little with Andreas to get it completed

JeffSchiller: still no information on dates

shepazu: D. Dailey had commented about before school had started

<stelt> dates should be good for USA folks

JeffSchiller: Not during the first week of classes
... try to finalize the dates on the mailing list

shepazu: if at Google, I would count on twice the attendance
... how long since easy one for Americans to attend

<stelt> 6yrs

<JeffSchiller> http://www.amazon.com/Socialism-Great-Workers-Memoir-China/dp/0977743373

JeffSchiller: Move on to Website

<stelt> svg.org is back, but for how long?

JeffSchiller: still work that needs to be done.
... svg.org was not reachable a few days ago, but appears to be back.

shepazu: maintainer is currently in China, fixed some configuration problems.
... interested in new site and help with hosting new site. Would be willing to provide a data dump
... still can't get input from owner of svg.org domain

JeffSchiller: Let's proceed with planetsvg and ignore svg.org

shepazu: SVG Tiny 1.2 is a recommendation!!!

<stelt> congrats shepazu

shepazu: WG happy that it is done and apologetic that it took so long.
... doing errata for 1.1, cleanup, tests, one errata for 1.2, looking toward next version of language.
... news item on planetsvg, not on svg.org
... putting a lot of pressure on Rob. How can we help?

Rob_Russell: The theming went well,
... guides need to be written, etc.
... the bits that need to be done, like feeds, etc. working on.
... imporvement to moderation view will make it easier for moderators.
... SVG upload for the gallery is a big piece
... anyone willing to help with the server-side stuff

JeffSchiller: Will check his access to make certain it worked
... what is part of the theme from Manuel

<stelt> Rob, saw BSVG/B bug in moderation view?

Rob_Russell: theme as a zip sent, fixed, and returned

Manuel: working on the changes

Rob_Russell: it is in a SVN repository, so maybe easier access for Manuel
... workflow for the multiple servers
... update repository, then have servers svn up for the changes.

JeffSchiller: try out the css changes this way

<shepazu> stelt, that sounds great... we need more content on the wiki

Rob_Russell: Making changes rapidly is not the problem yet, so he can be in the middle.

JeffSchiller: outgoing feeds problems?

Rob_Russell: have not tracked down where all of the outgoing feeds already work, much may be
... there without any more work,

JeffSchiller: Check if its there and then do the css changes.

Rob_Russell: Put in a link for the feeds we find.

JeffSchiller: Email subscriptions for forums and such after the themes and such.

<stelt> svglogo.com gone, where do people get the official logo now?

<shepazu> http://www.planetsvg.com/content/wiki-module is really dark, hard to read

shepazu: after the aqua buttons, tutorial on reusable content

Manuel: SVG -based websites and such

<shepazu> stelt: svglogo.com was never intended to provide the logo... it will be available from W3C soon

Manuel: wireframing websites with SVG, realize in HTML, in about a month..

JeffSchiller: Checklist from stelt for the website?

shepazu: solicit content from developers list
... two French guys, one who had his own site and a book, another with a widgets framework.

<Manuel> i found the logo on the site of the designer who created it...

shepazu: maybe a forum on making widgets.

<Manuel> http://www.root2art.co.uk/svg_logo_download/index.php

shepazu: Niko (he's Italian)
... very good framework.

JeffSchiller: Ferd (sp?) used to do some games, now has a blog.

<JeffSchiller> s/Ferd/Fyrd => http://a.deveria.com/

<stelt> i found my SVG site checklist: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-svg-ig/2008JulSep/0066.html

shepazu: Firefox widget set
... works in browsers, not just Firefox

<JeffSchiller> stelt: I was talking about content for the website that you might be willing to write, I think you mentioned a checklist or something

shepazu: Kevin Lindsey, I wonder if he would do a tutorial?
... maybe not need to worry about the content. We need to have something to point to from the W3C site.

<stelt> wants to move his svg.startpagina.nl links

Rob_Russell: Once we're using the new theme as default, then put this on W3C.

JeffSchiller: let's fix the theme and then, if no show-stoppers let's put it out, (then we can teak forever._
... Little space at top was for links, but we don't use it for now.
... identify low-handing fruit in browser bugs.

shepazu: run across a few browser bugs in Firefox, because it's the one he uses the most.
... putting some priority on SVG fonts, not in 3.1 but soon.
... SMIl is a big one.
... little stuff, like the title not giving a tooltip.
... workaround like misuseing XLink title.
... part of engine core, so it's stuck in review

rlongson: can't review it, and people who can aren't doing it yet.

<JeffSchiller> http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/IG/wiki/Accessibility_Activity#Implementation_Status_.28Current_Behavior.2C_Bugs.29

<stelt> if we write about low hanging fruit bugs, make sure to add links to bug tracking systems

<shepazu> trackbot, end telcon

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