WAI-AGE Task Force

26 Nov 2008



Suzette, William, Andrew, Helle, Jack, Nacho
Shadi, Michael, Anna




Andrew: Welcome



AA: latest update 24th November. To view statistics

AA: which is the minimum age - include the 50's

HBJ: asks for total number so can understand percentage

WL:yes to removing 50 and secondly not to forecast beyond 2025

AA: similarly for Japan to drop off 2050

WL:need to include a 'national' slide for the location of the presentation

AA: next slide has all EU countries

<SK: q+ source BBC should be ONS?

HBJ: queried the distant forecasts

AA: 2010 and 2020

AA: asks question between simple graph and actual figures

WL:graph and numbers

JW: graph and numbers - presenter can choose

HBJ: both?

HBJ: one with slides. one with numbers, one with both

AA: will email out when he has created the slides

HBJ: looking forward Britain slide: risk of removing the too much information

AA: is reviewing the source to put in intermediate projections to support comparison

SK:+q are we concerned about older employees or only retirees?

WL:has plans to use presentation - and suggest asking others who present eg Shawn

SK: what about older employees post 50

WL:no traditional retirees

WL: we do need to deal with people who are still working

AA: impairments start to develop from mid-40's; don't exclusively affect people over 65

JW: agreed with Andrew re younger old people beginning to experience changes to vision

AA: Ageing and functional impairments

AA: should these be shown as a graph maybe not comparable

WL:suggests these %ages are not nationally dependent

AA: characteristics of older web users - is now looking for better heading for 'findings 1 and 2'

WL:queries last bullet re download and plugins

JW: is that really a characteristic of older web users

WL:observed or inferred?

AA: scenario of older person who has had system set up by relatives and is less confident

JW: not a characteristic of age

AA: more a reflection of lack of other factors such as: experience and being newer to computers

AA: Findings 1

NM: not really findings

WL:this is a mapping with WCAG

AA: findings 2 are additional requirements

JW: perhaps should make the point that WCAG addresses these too

JW: will help to clarify that WCAG is all purpose

AA: will emphasis that WCAG is the key

AA: slides on docs for revision and docs planned - is this of interest to the audience, William had expressed a view that this will help encourage people to take part

AA: once published these documents become part of WAI not WAI AGE

AA: indication of status to be included in speaker notes

WL:better word that welcome: in Participation welcome

AA: asked for any other general comments

WL:participation: the audience for this presentation should be encouraged to go volunteer as senior citizen clubs etc

JW: slide "What can I do?" encourage people to go out and help others

AA: a sensible idea - will think about how to incorporate that

WL:refer to Web Foundation

AA: any other comments?

AA: next time - Shadi will report progress on before and after demo - will meet again in 2 weeks

Summary of Action Items

No action items recorded

[End of minutes]

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