SVG Interest Group Teleconference

20 Nov 2008


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Doug_Schepers, Jeff_Schiller, Bruce_Rindahl, Rob_Russel, Ruud_Steltenpool, Donald_Doherty, Robin_Berjon, Anthony_Grasso, Christophe_Strobbe, G_WadeJohnson
David_Dailey, Dominic_DePasquale, David_Porter, Andreas_Neumann, Manuel_Strehl
Jeff, Doug




<trackbot> Date: 20 November 2008

<JeffSchiller> shepazu

<shepazu> Christophe, it depends upon the WG

<shepazu> I think most of them are

<Manuel> i'm here, but, as mentioned, not in reach of a phone

<stelt> me

Previous minutes are at http://www.w3.org/2008/11/06-svgig-minutes.html

<scribe> Scribe: Christophe

<scribe> Meeting: SVG IG

SVG Spec

DS: SVG 1.2 has entered PR phase (yesterday). Announcement: http://www.w3.org/News/2008#item192

<shepazu> http://www.w3.org/TR/SVGTiny12/

DS: Notable change: URL is no longer 'SVGMobile' etc but 'SVGTiny': http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/PR-SVGTiny12-20081117/
... Sort of important: clarify the message of SVG. Want to work on marketing.

JS: I.e. the spec is not only aimed at the mobile space.

<shepazu> http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/1.2/Tiny/ImpReport.html

<stelt> SVG counting in mobile space: http://www.visionmobile.com/blog/2008/11/the-100-million-club-the-bigger-picture-of-mobile-software/

DS: See also implementation report at http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/1.2/Tiny/ImpReport.html
... New version of the test suite does not rely on XML ID.
... Desktop browsers were not interested in implementing XML ID, and there were other issues related to XML ID.
... Basically say: "only use XML ID if you are in a non-browser environment"
... Only risk now would be if W3C member companies now said they don't want to publish it. (Not very likely.)
... Companies interested in seeing SVG 1.2 published are asked to support it.
... Possibly REC in mid December.

<stelt> woot!!

DS: SVG GI web site would be a good promotion tool. The book, too.
... also ask more people to implement SVG
... Convince people in Safari and Firefox to take SVG 1.2 as an implementation target by saying X is better defined in SVG 1.2; it's a better reference for resolving bugs.

JS: Pushback microDOM?

DS: That was one of the less populart parts in SVG, but it's very useful.

JS: In terms of implementation, microdom is easier that full SVG 1.1 DOM. Another DOM might be expensive.

DS: Much of it is convenience methods.
... Anything that can be implemented as it stands: encourage vendors to implement.

JS: Future? SVG 2.0 Core mentioned in places

DS: Not yet 100% certain about path forward.
... Current plan: build modules that describe specific pieces of functionality. you could plug them into SVG Tiny 1.2.
... SVG 1.2 has most of the features of SVG 2.0; the modules ... Other modules would introduce new features.
... SVG 2 would be a major rewrite of the spec but not necessarily much new functionality. tighthening up the spec and changes things to make it more adaptable. Integration with HTML content.
... Make it a more stable platform. E.g. allowing non-namespaced href on outgonig links as well as ... etc.

<Manuel> I'd like to see mentioning of text format handling in SVG 2.0via XHTML *or* XSL-FO, that would be great.

DS: We resolved to work on modules. In the near future, there would be a path to follow before a single profile ...

SVG IG Japan

DS: Japanese chapter - Japanese market is not comfortable communicating through the same channels as rest of W3C. They're more comfortable discussing technical matters in japanese.
... Try to see how they can promote SVG in Japan, find use cases and requirements and bring the back to the SVG IG.
... Two main things going one:
... (1) KDDI (service provider) is working on a "map module": module for mapping uses. Have a prototype. Not necessarily a general SVG viewer, but works on mobiles.

<stelt> LOD

DS: They're working on things like level of detail (e.g. when you zoom in, blocks resolve into individual buildings etc)
... Range of zoom - e.g. from zoom level 5 - 10 show X, from 10 - 15 show X details etc

JS: At the highest zoom level, you dont want all the details in your document.

DS: See the 'discard' element; also need 'add' element: add something to the DOM when useful.
... Also tile mechanism so you don't need whole map.

<darobin> Zakim: aacc is me

DS: (2) Also working on making SVG 1.2 Tiny ratify in JISC. Until it is a JISC standard, Japanese companies won't implement it.
... More a formalization thing. If they decide that it is a good time to have this spec, they'll translate it.
... They're also interested in making the mapping module a JISC standard.
... Not aware of changes that they would want to make.

SVG Open 2009

JS: Google no sponsor for SVG Open 2009

RB: Liaison statement from ITU (?) to SVG about standardizing SVG for interactive TV.
... The statement was sent by one of the ITU groups; a group that has to do with interactivity.

DS: Discuss off-line.
... JSR-287 : up for ratification as well.

JS: One of the companies there is NVidia.

RB: Nandini had good contacts with NVidia.

<stelt> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicon_Valley shows loads of parties to maybe contact

JS: Conference: can work that out on the mailing list.
... Robin Berjon: first time on IG call.

RB: Independent consultant. Was member of SVG WG for a few years.

<shepazu> http://www.w3.org/TR/ElementTraversal/

RB: Also editor on the community site.

DS: Element traversal spec: really useful for SVG.
... Was moved out of SVG and moved to Web Apps WG and is going to PR.

<shepazu> http://www.w3.org/2008/webapps/ElementTraversal/index.html

DS: There is an implementation report at http://www.w3.org/2008/webapps/ElementTraversal/index.html

RB: Same interface as in HTML 5?

<stelt> SVG Open 2009: Enschede city has economical relation with Palo Alto city. Thin, but looking into it for leads

DS: Already planning Element Traversal 2.0.

<Rob_Russell> http://ejohn.org/blog/element-traversal-api/

DS: Element Traversal 2.0 already being implemented; could be published next year.

SVG Community Website

RR: Working on a theme.
... Looks good graphically, but ... Will be uploaded to the site later; either default or optional.
... Also turned on the update check .... Drupal updated.

<stelt> the sooner to have something other than the default Drupal the better IMHO. We can perfect later

<Manuel> i'm working on how the forums page could look, but it will last a bit (weekend?)

<stelt> I've figured out how moderating works :-)

<JeffSchiller> http://www.planetsvg.com/news

RR: list items - news: need to get URL at bottom of the blurb.

<stelt> make NEWS index ?

RR: Need to work on news feed and global feed for articles (RSS or Atom)

RS: currently site looks like nothing is happening.

RR: (...) In the theme we can filter which types of content go into which boxes.

JS: News and latest stories and articles should be major focus.

RR: Manuel working on ... theme.

DS: Worried about input and output. Would like this as source of info for SVG WG page. RSS feed for news available?

RR: No feed for news yet. There will also be other feeds.

<stelt> raw feed is what editors get

DS: Also interested in raw feed with Google news alerts etc where SVG is mentioned .

RR: The editors get that feed and approve things for publication.

<gwadej> Apologies, but I have a meeting and have to go. Bye.

DS: Would like to be notified. Would rather have a feed from PlanetSVG than one from Google.

<stelt> to get "SVG Capital", StaVanGer, etc. filtered out

DS: Forums: when building community site, they noticed that "old folks" like e-mail while "young folks" prefer forums.

RR: We need a "Frankenstein's monster" for mail and forums.

<stelt> Jon Cruz said he wanted to help on that

RB: There are modules for sending mails to people when there's a new post on the forum etc.
... You can't reply via the e-mail, but there's a link to the forum.

DS: That would not be as good as replying to a thread via e-mail.

RB: You would need to integrate with a mail module on the back end.

<Manuel> have to leave, bye

DS: If we get simply the notification, that would satisfy the "old fogeys".

<stelt> i'll bill an extra hour then :-)

DS: Would also like to see old news stories from SVG.org. Should be possible to get a dump of the news stories, maybe also the blogs.

RR: Legal ramifications?

<Rob_Russell> (that was js)

<stelt> i'd like my diary from there as well

DS: Get tutorials and/or fresh materials ("instant tricks" etc) on the site.

JS: Would like to get one or two tutorials. Anyone else who can write something up?

RB: We could get content from xml.com that is more than one year odl - see A. Quint's articles?

<stelt> there are many inkscape tuts on Youtube


DS: go through tutorials sites elsewhere. E.g. Photoshop tutorial -> how do the same thing in SVG.

<darobin> http://vectortuts.com/

<darobin> http://psdtuts.com/

DS: Also simpler things e.g. what is the simplest way to do a gradient, markers, etc.

<stelt> http://dev.opera.com/articles/view/how-to-do-photoshop-like-effects-in-svg/

<scribe> Agenda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-svg-ig/2008OctDec/0087.html

Summary of Action Items

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