06 Oct 2008

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<kei> Eric, it's great to have you join!

roll call and introduction

<kei> scottm, rob frost, maryann, susie, luis, ericP, erick, karen skinner

<Susie> Introductions


Susie: Eli Lilly. started with SemWeb when at Oracle
... chaired BioRDF TF, now cochair HCLS IG

<Susie> Kei: Yale, focused on data integration

mscottm: semantic e-Science: combinging SW with information retrieval
... co-chair hcls and steady contributed to BioRDF

<Susie> EricP, W3C, focus on Semantic Web since the beginning, staff contact for the HCLS group, working on project for Lilly

<Susie> Marco, works with Scott, doing bioinformatics work with Semantic Web

Bob Brost: co-founder of Vector-C

scribe: former tech lead for semantic apps at BEA

<Susie> Rob, co-founder of semantic web consulting company, was at BEA, specific interest in HCLS due to past experience in medical informatics

scribe: have specific intrest in medical informatics. have experience with UMLS concept extraction

KarenSkinner: program officer at NIH in drug rehab area
... project officer for the NIST contract

<Susie> Karen, work at NIH, National Institute of Drug Abuse, focus on encouraging applications, networks, biomedical computing, basic research, contact for NIF

MaryAnn: neurocientist, got intrestes in informations in late 90s in order to access large imaging data stores

<Susie> MaryAnn, UCSD, neuroscientist by training, interested in informatics in late '90s, particularly relating to large imaging data sets

MaryAnn: working on mediators for database integration
... also working as PI NIST project

KarenSkinner: NIST project is part of collection of NIH and 15 institutes
... different institutes take leads. mine promoted better resource inventory

Eric Antezana

<kei> Erick instead of Eric

<kei> marenco: MD,traildb, senselab, NIF, ontology relation db's, database integration, eav/cr

<Susie> MaryAnn presents on Neuroscience Information Framework

MaryAnn presents on Neuroscience Information Framework

<Susie> EricP, I'll leave you to scribe...

<scribe> scribenick: ericP

NIF talk

<kei> kei: registry of resources

<kei> maryann: 5 sources registered for pilot demonstration

<kei> maryann: framework -- be able to serve people/institutions with different needs/resources

<kei> maryann: NIF ontologies were designed based on OBO Foundry priciples

<kei> maryann: neuron definition/information needs to be expanded

<kei> maryann: gene products are another area of possible expansion

BioGateway presentation [Erick Antezana]

BioGateway talk

<kei> Erick: biogateway -- systems biology approach to knowledge integration/discovery

<kei> Erick: the system will help people to come up with hypotheses (with support of reasoning/query provided by OWL/RDF)

<kei> Erick: use cases or examples are demonstrated

<kei> Erick: goal is to answer these scientific questions

<kei> Erick: UniProt, NCBI ontologies, Meta ontologies from OBO ...

<Zakim> ericP, you wanted to ask if GO identifiers line up with HCLS KB

<kei> kei: URI globalization?

<kei> scott: not using owl?

mscottm: very impressed with Karen and Erick's systems
... Erick, does using OWL really keep you from being efficient

<kei> erick: going from rdf to owl is a big step

<Zakim> ericP, you wanted to note graph isomorphisn between A-box OWL and simpler RDF assertions

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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