18 Mar 2008


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Christophe, Shadi, Michael, CarlosI, Tim


Next steps for current repository content

cs: checking in on status from last meeting
... have there been diffs from last WCAG draft to current one?

mc: haven't done anything, waiting to offer assistance

cs: decision about updating test cases was dependent on that

mc: can work with someone
... straightforward diff off XML might not give you just what you need
... should do a "strategic" diff

saz: suggest action remain with BenToWeb person as they'll know what's needed

mc: will send source files to Carlos

cs: need to know which SC have changed substantively, and then need to estimate how much time needed to update test samples

saz: estimate how much needs to change, and understand which requirements seem to be stable (focus on them first)

Review of test samples

cs: Tim's review of test samples http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-ert-tsdtf/2008Jan/0009.html
... further discussion in previous calls and on list

saz: naming and ID for next agendum

cs: question about versioning

mc: is an issue, though perhaps now not so much since significant changes not expected unless WCAG bounces back to WD again

saz: ID does indirectly indicate the version

cs: techniques also have dated references

saz: does date appear in HTML view generated from metadata of tests?

cs: yes for Bentoweb tests, but not sure for TCDL

saz: implementing that would help in the future

<Christophe> http://canada.esat.kuleuven.be/bentoweb/tsdtf/xhtml/index.html

<shadi> http://canada.esat.kuleuven.be/bentoweb/tsdtf/xhtml/metadata/sc1.1.1_l1_002.html

saz: looking at examples above, finding references to dated versions
... maybe we need date to be visible, however

mc: if we have test samples against several dated versions would be important, otherwise not

saz: if WCAG opens techniques documents, could cause date versions to become relevant

mc: both latest version and dated version will be available, we can use which we want
... suggest we use dated version
... and WCAG process for updating techniques would need to include a trigger to review test case(s)

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/ER/tests/usingTCDL#structure

saz: this case might affect our directory structure and naming conventions

<shadi> tests/xhtml/metadata

<shadi> tests/20070102/xhtml/metadata

saz: suggest adding datespace to the repository structure, as shown above

cs: is it necessary? hard to separate versions
... wonder about extracting SC titles from an external doc

mc: suggest using WCAG source itself

cs: need to use back-dated versions sometimes

mc: can pull them out of CVS and run locally
... it's possible to get a URL to a particular CVS version as well, though that might be Team only feature
... Michael can provide dated version on demand

tb: next issue - information about user environment needed to execute test

mc: prefer just to identify the technology used, and you assume you have software that supports it
... could be chicken-and-egg with respect to "accessibility supported"

tb: satisfied as long as user has information needed to construct the test environment

mc: it should be case that users can find accessibility support information if needed
... would only need to check if there was a problem executing test in a given UA

cs: we assume user has environment needed to execute tests, is that ok?

tb: just want user to be able to find what they need

mc: a MIME type should be sufficient, and people able to run tests should know info needed

<Christophe> http://canada.esat.kuleuven.be/bentoweb/tsdtf/xhtml/metadata/sc1.2.1_l1_001.html

cs: do see in above example, video relied on but video format not listed in metadata
... should add that info

saz: we're focusing on developing test samples based on test procedures for techniques
... some issues might be relevant, e.g., <embed>, but that info should be in test procedure
... we should be careful not to interpret in a way that adds restrictions

mc: suggest adding MIME type(s) to test case metadata should be sufficient


saz: updated TCDL document http://www.w3.org/mid/47DEA604.70100@w3.org, please let me know if comments

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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