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Extending the Web to all kinds of devices including sensors and effectors. Application areas include home monitoring and control, home entertainment, office equipment, mobile and automotive. (more details).

UWA - External Groups

This is a list of external (non-W3C) groups with interests related to those of the Ubiquitous Web Applications Working Group. Other groups may be added during the course of the Charter. The relationships may range from formal liaisons, to informal exchanges of information and cross participation by individuals, as appropriate to the underlying need.

Remote eventing and other work of a mutual interest
Remote eventing, device coordination, and other work of a mutual interest, potentially including Web page APIs for media control
FIPA is is an IEEE Computer Society standards organization focusing on agent-based technology
For coordination on the role of Web technologies for devices acting as home gateways
Remote eventing and other work of a mutual interest
Standards and market trends for office equipment and related information systems
Coordination on topics relevant to the mobile application environment, e.g. remote eventing, device coordination, delivery context interfaces, ontologies for device characteristics, and safe and secure access to device capabilities
For coordination on device and service metadata for network appliances
UPnP Forum
Standards for connecting consumer electronics, intelligent appliances and mobile devices from many different vendors