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Stéphane was W3C Staff from June 1995 till February 2015. From January 2014 till February 2015, he designed, launched, and led W3C work on Web Payments, part of HTML5Apps EU-Funded project.

Before that, leading the W3C Device Independence Working Group from 2001 till 2005, he has been a key participant in the development and launch of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative, managing the Device Description Working Group till the end of 2005. At the same time, Stéphane also took part in the management of the Voice and Multimodal Activities. Since 2006 he has been leading W3C's work on the Mobile Web for Social Development, which is looking at how to extend the frontier of the Web to make it relevant, usable and useful for rural communities and under-privileged populations of Developing Countries. Since its launch in January 2008, Stéphane has been managing the EU FP7 project Digital World Forum focusing on the use of ICT to leverage economic development in Africa and Latin America.

From mid-2008, Stephane has taken part of the launch of the World Wide Web Foundation, in charge of defining the Web in Society program, and he officially joined the foundation in January 2009 as lead program manager till end of June 2013. Since then, he continues working in the domain of web technology and social and economic development in low and middle-income countries as an independant consultant.

Before W3C, Stéphane worked in Artificial Intelligence (knowledge acquisition and modeling) at INRIA. He has an engineering degree from ESSTIN (telecommunications and network engineering school in Sophia-Antipolis).

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