SMIL 3.0 Testcases (features introduced in SMIL 2.0)

Structure Module

Dan Zucker, Invited Expert
Thierry Michel (,W3C

New SMIL 3.0 Features :
[Animation] [Content Control] [Layout] [Media] [Metainformation] [SMILtext] [State] [Structure] [Timing] [Namespace and Doctype].

Other SMIL 3.0 Features (Introduced in SMIL 2.1):
[Layout] [Media] [Transition].

Other SMIL 3.0 Features (Introduced initialy in SMIL 2.0):
[Animation] [Content] [Layout] [Linking] [Media] [Metadata] [Structure] [Timing] [Transition] [Time Manipulation] [Profile]


The following Structure Module features testcases remain unchanged from the SMIL 2.0 Testsuite.
(The tests cases remain the same, apart from been updated with the SMIL 3.0 Namespace and DTD declaration).


SMIL Structure Module
Test # Feature Test (test file) Expected Behavior  
1 body element  
1.1 body = seq
(smil, source)
  1. Nothing shown
1.2 body = seq with dur
(smil, source)
  1. the second picture shown for 5s
1.3 body = seq with repeatCount
(smil, source)
  1. 5s video played twice
1.4 body = seq with repeatCur
(smil, source)
  1. 5s video played twice
1.5 body = seq with repeat
(smil, source)
  1. 5s video played twice
2 systemRequired element  
2.1 systemRequired on 'smil' element
(smil, source)
  1. If the Obscure module is not supported, the document is not shown.
2.2 profiling: systemRequired on 'smil' element
(smil, source)
  1. If the BrushMedia module is supported, show sequence of colored boxes (using 'brush')
  2. If BrushMedia module is not supported, do not show the document.
2.3 profiling: systemRequired oon 'smil' element generally
(smil, source)
  1. If the TimeManipulations module is not supported, nothing is shown.
  2. Otherwise, a sequence of colored boxes is shown using the 'brush' element if the player supports BrushMedia,
  3. otherwise the frown image is displayed