SMIL 3.0 Testcases (features introduced in SMIL 2.0)

Media Object Module

Dan Zucker, Invited Expert
Thierry Michel (,W3C

New SMIL 3.0 Features :
[Animation] [Content Control] [Layout] [Media] [Metainformation] [SMILtext] [State] [Structure] [Timing] [Namespace and Doctype].

Other SMIL 3.0 Features (Introduced in SMIL 2.1):
[Layout] [Media] [Transition].

Other SMIL 3.0 Features (Introduced initialy in SMIL 2.0):
[Animation] [Content] [Layout] [Linking] [Media] [Metadata] [Structure] [Timing] [Transition] [Time Manipulation] [Profile]


The following testcases for the Media Module features remain unchanged from the SMIL 2.0 Test Suite.
(The test cases remain the same, apart from having been updated with the SMIL 3.0 Namespace and DTD declaration).


SMIL Media Object Module
Test # Feature Test (test file) Expected Behavior  
1 Basic  
1.1 MediaAccessibility module
(smil, source)
  1. an assistive device (such as a screen reader) will announce alt/title/longdesc in the following order:
  2. 1. carvideo
  3. 2. scvadvt
  4. 3. scvlogo
  5. 4. caraudio
1.2 Brush element
(smil, source)
  1. After 3.5 seconds, top bar should be identical to bottom bar, except rightmost square.
1.3 clipBegin/clipEnd
(smil, source)
  1. The voice should say *only* "someone strange watching strange light"
1.4 erase="never"
(smil, source)
  1. All four images should hang around onscreen until the end of the audio
1.5 Media object elements (ref, animation, audio, img, text, textstream, video) "All of these media elements are semantically identical. When playing back a media object, the player must not derive the exact type of the media object from the name of the media object element."
(smil, source)
  1. 7 images playing to 7 regions for 7 seconds
1.6 mediaRepeat attribute
(smil, source)
  1. Three side-by-side images that count 1,2,3 in 1 second intervals. The leftmost image only counts up once, the right two count up twice.
1.7 param element
(smil, source)
  1. Two images in parallel for 7 seconds. The bitrate parameter is specific to RealPlayer.
  2. ----- alternative for Oratrix -----
  3. Two texts on a red background.
  4. The first text is displayed in the default text color, the second is displayed in blue.
1.8 Type attribute "This value takes precedence over other possible sources of the media type (for instance, the "Content-type" field in an HTTP or RTSP exchange, or the file extension)"
(smil, source)
  1. Two images should play side-by-side, even off a properly configured web server where the "html" extension is marked as "text/html" MIME type.
2 Clipping  
2.1 clipBegin, clipEnd
(smil, source)
  1. 0-2 seconds: nothing
  2. 2-6 seconds: video plays with clipBegin = 5 seconds
  3. 6-10 seconds: video repeats
  4. 10-12 seconds: video repeats partially.
2.3 clipBegin
(smil, source)
  1. 0-2 seconds: nothing
  2. 2-7.8 seconds: the video plays with clipBegin = 5 seconds.
  3. 7.8-13.7 seconds: the video plays again with the same clipBegin
  4. at 13.7 seconds: the video ends and is removed
2.4 clipEnd
(smil, source)
  1. 0-2 seconds: nothing
  2. 2-7 seconds: the video plays from the beginning of the video
  3. 7-12 seconds: the video repeats
  4. 12-15 seconds: the video repeats partially.
  5. at 15 seconds: the video ends and is removed
3 MediaParam  
3.1 Sensitivity attribute
(smil, source)
  1. Clicking on the "overlay" region behaves according to sensitivity rules:
  2. For "nn%", "overlay Clicked" should show at nn% or higher,
  3. else "base Clicked".
  4. For "opaque", only "overlay Clicked" should show.
  5. For "transparent", only "base Clicked" should show.
4 External Marker  
4.1 clipBeginend
(smil, source)
  1. The voice should say *only* "someone strange watching strange light"