21 Jun 2007


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Jim Allan




<AllanJ> title: User Agent Teleconference

<AllanJ> scribe: JR

<scribe> Scribe: JR

<KFord> What's the command to tell the system Microsoft is kford?

JA: No meeting on July 5
... JA is out of town next wwek (June 28th)

2. review? Roles for Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA Roles)

JA: WAI ARIA has new "roles" doc
... CHange history shows some roles removed, some added.
... Not sure changes are enough that we need to comment

KF: Has read them....

CL: Will look at it from UA perspective, other IBMers also looking at it.

JA: Pls send comments to PF as well as UA

KF: Change history shows not many substantive changes.

CL: Happening at DOM level in most browsers
... In Firefox, also at api level
... If you write own widget spec you need to know ARIA
... ARIA all geared to XHTML...
... THere is another doc that looks at doing it in HTML
... Will add to mtg notes...

JA: Related...have been reviewing TEITAC content guidelines against HTML4 and 5
... Lots changing in HTML5

<cklaws> http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/adaptable/HTML4/embedding-20061212.html

JA: Hope PF is looking at HTML5

CL: Recommend everyone on this group be on xtech

JA: HTML5 is a massive working group
... Gregory Rosmita is on the WG

<AllanJ> wai-xtech

CL: To join, send a msg to Al Gilman.

1. Wiki - structure and use discussion

JA: Pls make accounts and send login account names to Jan.


JA: We need to decide how we want to use it.


Just pasted the main UAAG doc URL.

<AllanJ> JR: reviewing the wiki, options for working with it.

<AllanJ> PP: describes RST, moin-moin

PP: "Import" command in moinmoin

JA: Peter have you seen convention guides?

PP: Does have DIFF

CL: But only in this view

PP: Also could get email set up as an RSS feed.

JA: So should be go ahead at guidelines level for now

JR: Can populate by Monday

JA: Issues tracking table - include in the Wiki in the appropriate checkpoint

KF: Can we also make the Normative Inclusions/Exclusions as Headers

JA: One thing that has come up is structural issues...
... We might want to start capturing these things

JR: Can add new page for playing with TOC

CL: Maybe also need discussion flag

KF: "Group Talk" could be key word.

<AllanJ> latest checklist is www.tsbvi.edu/technology/uawg/checklist-jan182007.htm

PP: May be macros...todo...
... Will look for macro syntax

JR: Use CamelCase to make new pages -then use Empty page

KF: Let's meet up next week to divide things up.

JR: Will make a checkpoint sandbox

WCAG Comments

JA: Any other issues
... I'm comfortable sending them in as a group.

KF: Microsoft also has an internal collection process.

JA: Haven't looked at the commenting site.]


Summary of Action Items

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