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Program for the W3C Workshop on Declarative Models of Distributed Web Applications

This is subject to change. Please send questions to <team-ubiwebws-submit@w3.org>. You can find the main workshop page and list of position statements nearby.

The plan is to split time between presentations and discussion periods on particular topics. A workshop dinner is planned at a nearby venue on the evening of Tuesday, 5th June.

Volunteers will be welcomed for scribing the workshop, as it is customary to make a public record available after the workshop end. We also plan to make the presentations public so please be prepared to provide us with copies, either via email or via a USB thumb drive. A wireless network will be available during the meeting.

Note that the topics for the discussion periods are still to be confirmed, but see the list of suggested topics below.


Tuesday 5th June 2007 (Day 1)

Registration starts at 8:30 for a 9am meeting start.

Presentations will be 30 minutes long including time for questions. It is up to speakers to choose whether to take questions during their presentation or to leave them to afterwards.

Wednesday 6th June 2007 (Day 2)

Some possible discussion topics

In no particular order. We will pick off items according to participant's interests. We may also be able to use some of the discussion time for break-out groups that then report back.

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