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W3C Process and Tools 101

Thomas Roessler <>

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W3C Core Values

Nuts and Bolts: The Process

Process is based on experience. For each rule in the process, there is a story of what happened before that rule was there.



How we got here:

Working Group, Toward Last Call: Mechanics


... and Culture.

Collaborative Culture: Technology, and how it's used

Publish on the Web, publish early, publish often.

Accountability: Why on earth did we do that?

Tool support: Using IRC in meetings

Multimodal Interactions

Quick and dirty minutes, and how we do them: RRSAgent

It is better to have dirty minutes quickly than to have perfect minutes late.

Proposed Minutes publication Ritual

Issue and action tracking: trackbot

Engaging Peer Groups and the Public

Story telling and Test Cases

Decision Making

The Process on Consensus

Consensus is a core value of W3C. To promote consensus, the W3C process requires Chairs to ensure that groups consider all legitimate views and objections, and endeavor to resolve them, whether these views and objections are expressed by the active participants of the group or by others (...). Decisions MAY be made during meetings (face-to-face or distributed) as well as through email. ...

1. Consensus: A substantial number of individuals in the set support the decision and nobody in the set registers a Formal Objection. Individuals in the set may abstain. Abstention is either an explicit expression of no opinion or silence by an individual in the set. ...

2. Dissent: At least one individual in the set registers a Formal Objection.

Good Standing: Participation Expectations

The Process on Consensus, cont'd

"By default, the set of individuals eligible to participate in a decision is the set of group participants in Good Standing."

The Process on Standing

A participant MAY be declared in Bad Standing in any of the following circumstances:

Last Call: "We think we're done"

Candidate Recommendation "Implementations, Please!"

Proposed Recommendation


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