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Marie-Claire Forgue
W3C Head of European Communications
World Wide Web Consortium

06 November 2006 - MobileMonday Paris

Variety of Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices


Mobile Web Potential

Mobile crazy!

Growing Use of the Web - Your Web!

1996 vs 2006

Early days again ...
Web 1996 and Mobile Web 2006
Too slow
Lack of interoperability
Child protection
Not accessible
More favorable conditions!
Web 1996 Mobile Web 2006
Lack of content Lots of potential content and developers
No industry Large potential industry
Web of Documents Rich suite of technologies
Few connected users Many potentially connected users

W3C Mobile Web Initiative

“Making Web access from a mobile device as simple, easy and convenient as Web access from a desktop device”


MWI sponsors

Mobile Industry is Cooperating

End users and mobile industry chain all benefit from cooperation!

Key players that need to cooperate for making mobile web work

MWI Solution: Mobile Web Best Practices

Mobile Web Best Practices, aka, "Focus on Usability"

MWI Solution: Shared Device Repository

Device Description, aka, "If you can describe it, you can adapt to it"

Wider-Reaching Benefits

Developing mobile Web standards + Improving the user experience =>

Delphi Navigation RadioWeb on refrigerator


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