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The Semantic Web: Building a Web of Data

Eric Miller
W3C Semantic Web Activity Lead

The Semantic Web meets eGovernment AAAI Spring Symposium
Stanford University, California, USA, March 27-29, 2006

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Semantic Web

A Problem

Where to stay?

Useful data on the Web

stanford web page of hotels

Representation problem

stanford web page of hotels scraped to RDF

Common representation - RDF

stanford web page viewed as RDF

A benifit of common representation

stanford web page viewed as RDF

Useful Data on My Web

my calendar

Another representation problem

30 sec, ical -> RDF conversion later...

A benifit of common represtation

my calendar on the map

Power of Recombinant data

my calendar and hotels

How does it work?

Leveraging 'Reuseful' Data

semweb connected

Common semantics - e.g. space and time

And ...

Semantic Web Technologies

Semantic Web Standards


"Oracle Database 10g Release 2 is the world's first mainstream commercial database to provide direct and native support for Semantic Web technologies from W3C. Oracle has already enabled many customers in the healthcare, life sciences and government industries to use semantic technologies to create exciting new solutions to real-world problems. Taking advantage of the scalability, security and availability of the Oracle technology, these new semantic capabilities are certain to find wide application in commercial enterprises."

- Ken Jacobs, VP Product Strategy, Oracle.

Oracle 10.2


"The Vodafone Live! service is a 'mobile portal' which provides a unified user experience and access to content and servers from a number of providers. Bringing goods closer to the customer increased sales, and the use of RDF metadata was a key factor in making this possible. On the Mobile platform, Semantic Web technologies are driving user experiences which touch and enrich millions of people's lives."

- Dan Applequist, Senior Technology Strategist, Vodafone Group Services Limited

Vodaphone Live Mobile Portal

Search application (e.g. ringtone, game, picture) using RDF

  • better search : page views per download decreased 50%
  • increased revenue : ringtone up 20% in 2 months

Bringing goods closer to customers increased sales

RDF was key factor in making this possible


"As the leading provider of content creation tools to help people communicate better, adding intelligence to media via metadata was integral to our strategy. We developed Adobe XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) based on W3C's RDF, because it provided a flexible and interoperable framework for fostering the capture, preservation, and interchange of metadata across digital media and workflows. The Adobe Creative Suite provides a design platform that enables creative professional to create information rich assets powered by XMP that can be more effectively repurposed and consumed across multiple media and diverse domains."

- David Burkett, Director of Product Management, Adobe Systems

Adobe's XMP

Adobe's eXtensible Metadata Platform (XMP)

leverage RDF to enable more effective management of digital resources

extensible framework for creation, processing, and interchange of document metadata across publishing workflows

sample pdf with rdf

Hendler, Berners-Lee, and Miller,
Integrating applications on the Semantic Web

Journal IEE Japan, 122(10):676-680, 2002.

But wait, there's more!

Lots more commercial applications

Equally impressive Open Source stories

Common Themes

Future work planned


A fractal tangle of interconnected and interelated data from various perspectives

Challenge: Social Demands on Semantic Web Architecture

Concentric circles of inferencing



Challenge: From Unference to Inference

Challenge: Content

Challenge: Persistence and Marketplace

Challenge: Social


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