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22 Nov 2006

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Present: kingsley, wing, ivan, susie, uldi, martin, ina, Karen, LeeF, david, orri, sandro
Regrets: danny ayers, steve harris, pasquale, ian davis, john Davies


short introductions

(see also http://esw.w3.org/topic/SweoIG/Participants for the introductions of participants)

susie: we have a number of new people who joined us, just a brief introduction
... I do not think that kingsley done before

kinksley: i work both on the entreprise and the vendor side
... typical web2.0 profile
... we see data integration with shared ontologies as a major benefit of the sw that should be projected to the community
... it is also a nice bridge to the web2.0 community
... (scribe is lost by the speed:-(

see http://www.w3.org/mid/45647581.1010008@openlinksw.com

uldi: i am from deri ireland
... i am from the sw cluster there
... we feel need for outreach and education in sw
... we need industry and people to understand it better and that it does not have to be as complex as it seems now
... i work now in sioc
... it aims at making the communities interlinked on the sw
... lots of tools come from that project for people outside
... my interest started before sw

ina: i just completed my masters at deri
... i am a researcher there

martin: i am from the open university uk,

<kidehen> ivan: I called it CYOK and Uldis calls it SHOCK in both cases we are referring to Semantically-Interlined Online Communities shared Ontology :-

<kidehen> :-)

<kidehen> SIOC basically

<uldis> interest on sw started before joining deri

(will link the intro link to the minutes)

<uldis> and been on #swig as CaptSolo since 2002

<kidehen> ivan: http://sioc-project.org/

karen: i am at w3c, member relations and development, i have joined this ig as a resource capacity

<Susie> Regrets – Michael Wilson, Steve Harris, John Davies, Ian Davis, Pasquale Popolizio

karen: i have a background in communication

orri: from openlink sw
... i am a database techie by background

<uldis> LeeF: does 'shock' sound bad? (i suggested we stay on one pronounciation, but kidehen says 'shock' does not sound good in north america)

orri: most recently optimizing for the support of sparql

<kidehen> Ivan: Orri Erling

orri: I have background in knowledge representation
... i am happy to combine these things in the sw which requires both types of expertise

<LeeF> uldis: It's fine to my ears :-)

orri: i would like to have my technical background to the technical context

sandro: i work at w3c, team contact for the rif working group
... i was co team contact for the owl group
... my interest aligns with a lot of things we have already heard here

Overview of the f2f meeting

susie: we had 11 people in total, we made really good progress
... next time more will come, people are still signing on
... but it was important to start
... Lee kindly wrote the minutes

susie: we started off by introduction
... then we moved to the charter
... we just made a recap of the info which is on the web site (which has a link to the charter)
... one highlight is that it is an ig and not a working group, so we can direct the work a bit in a direction we prefer
... we also started a bit later, but we do have a hard stop in february '08
... we are expected to interact with other group based on the charter,
... with sw groups in w3c, but also outsider
... we then moved on to how to makeup sweo
... the participants are expected, formally, to use 20% of their time

susie: but lot of work will be within the framework of a task force
... each tf would last 2-3 months, 5-6 people, so it is a flexible framework
... sweo is made up from members, plus some invited expert (like Danny Ayers)
... we also discussed communication
... we have a wiki that is available for the sweo, we will use email,
... we will use the same email for all the task forces, important to use the right subject lines,

susie: eg, [TASKFORCENAME] bla bla bla
... ivan gave an overview on where we are with SW technologies on where we are
... karen gave an overview on messaging
... then we had some brainstorming sessions

<uldis> focus both on enterprise and web dev. community

susie: one of the areas was that people felt that we have to focus both on entreprises and the web developers' communities
... the latter involve hackers, open source community, web2.0 developers, etc
... we also said that one of the issue is to understand where we are with messaging
... so we have to understand what the market feel about the market, identify the messaging that are out there, and what work and not
... we also need to understand what resources are available
... we also have to encourage people to sign up for sweo (that actually happened...)
... a secondary item is to have messages in particular audiences, application areas
... this begins to form a matrix
... we cannot create colletarals for all matrix cells, but we can find out where the most value is
... and we can also concentrate on areas that is in line with peoples' experiences
... the third area is to incorporate sw in undergraduate and graduate training
... this is an area that is not top priority for us
... on the second day we did work around identification of core messaging
... we wanted to understand what the community feels
... one group is the web developers' communtiy; we have good contacts in that community but we may not know exactly how they feel
... we identified a number of individuals we would contact
... on the entreprise level we 3 approaches
... (1) analysts
... (2) a questionnaire to vendors to understand why they have decided to enter this market
... (3) a questionnaire to entreprises who may or may not use sw technologies, we have to understand why not

<Susie> http://esw.w3.org/topic/SweoIG/TaskForces/CoreMessaging

(the questionnaires' text)

sandro: i was wondering whether this would be public, anonymous, or confidential?

susie: i was planning to do these by email, ie, we would know where the answers come from, but the compilation would be anonymized

kingsley: re the targetting the audiences
... if we start with the web developers' side, we need a bridge with the web2.0 community
... there is a tendency to see these two as mutually exclusive

<martind> this might be relevant to some questions of the mentioned questionnaire: http://tinyurl.com/yl7aq7 or direct to PDF: http://tinyurl.com/ybra6h (courtesy of neon-project.org)

kingsley: it is important to show how complimentary they are
... a typical example being the blogosphere
... we have to find the key players the of the web2.0 crowd and the entreprise web2.0
... there is even office 2.0
... these latter two take the web2.0 to the entreprise
... we have to get them understand what the sw is doing

ivan: we tried to identify the persons, but we were not sure they are the right names

<uldis> may we set up a wiki page to list key players of the web dev community and web 2.0 and add to it?

<uldis> ... whom we should contact

susie: during the meeting we felt we were not good enough in identifying the names
... please by next week collect these names

kingsley: we do not have a list name on the wiki

<Karen> +1 names should be internal to group

<uldis> it is possible to use ACL on a wiki and make pages visible to IG members only

<uldis> sandro can provide assistance in this

<scribe> ACTION: ivan to set up a ig confidential part of the wiki [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/11/22-sweo-minutes.html#action01]

<scribe> ACTION: kingsley collect names appropriate for the web2.0 world [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/11/22-sweo-minutes.html#action02]

Review of action items

susie: one of the action item was that I would send the questionnaire's text to the group
... i will do that
... I will have to contact the comm team of w3c on that
... another action item was that ivan to collect the contacts for companies, that is done
... yet another action item is to collect the resources that we already have
... eg, frank chum will look for more books
... wing will look at the tools' list to send

sandro: if somebody think the wording should be different, should that person modify it on the wiki, or rather on the mailing

susie: the wiki culture would require that people could modify directly
... but if there are major changes, check with the group
... actually, one more comment on the wiki
... on the list a lot of people have good ideas on what to do and where to go, but I am a bit afraid that these ideas would get lost
... so I started a 'wild idea' part on the wiki, for general thoughts

<Susie> http://esw.w3.org/topic/SweoIG/WildIdeas

susie: i kept the thoughts short and added a name to it

karen: i do have some resources when I was working in market research I could probably share
... but I would like to keep it for the group

uldis: it would be group for the ig if we could use sw technologies for our own work
... although i cannot name any particular at this point
... but we could at some point

susie: one of the action items was that wing would look at semantics media wiki
... if people have additional ideas

uldis: adding wikis with blogging, for example

kingsley: a lot of our technology is solved by us, plus integration, but the problem is member independence
... we have to find a set of clear guidelines on what we can accept and use

<uldis> agree to kidehen re. observing caution re. particular products

<uldis> first thing we can start with is using already accepted SW formats

<uldis> like FOAF which is already used for participants list

Resources for IRC handling

Zakim telco agent


minute generation script

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: ivan to set up a ig confidential part of the wiki [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/11/22-sweo-minutes.html#action01]
[NEW] ACTION: kingsley collect names appropriate for the web2.0 world [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/11/22-sweo-minutes.html#action02]
[End of minutes]

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