RDFa Test Suite: RDFa Test Runner (beta 0.1)


The RDFa Test Suite provides an automated test run to check the conformance of an RDFa extractor to the RDFa syntax.

Note: Currently only REST-based RDFa extractors are supported in this automatic test runner.


These tests are in development; until a test is approved by the RDF in XHTML Taskforce decision, it is subject to change without notice.

Running the Test Suite

In the input field below, enter the URL of the RDFa extractor service to be tested. The service specified will then be invoked on a number of test cases.

For each of the test cases a result is given (green indicating test passed; red failed). Note: For now, only the below listed conformance queries are implemented. This means that all other queries not listed below will be flaged as PASSED; though without semantics.

RDFa Test Runner

RDFa Extractor Service URL to test
Note: Specify the full service URL here, including mandatory parameters.
Example: RDFa monkey parser defines its REST-interface as being: http://avthasselt.be/rdfamonkey/rdfaparser.php?src=[URL of webpage]. Therefore, to test this service, one would enter http://avthasselt.be/rdfamonkey/rdfaparser.php?src= in the input field, above.

Select Test Case Partition
Note: Currently only the XHTML 1.1 partition is available.

Select Test Run Range
{Start Test Case #}   {End Test Case #}
Note: The range must be within 1 to 29, and {Start Test Case #} lower than or equal to {End Test Case #}.
Example: If one wants to run test cases number 3, 4, and 5, one would enter {Start Test Case #} = 3 and {End Test Case #} = 5 in the according input fields, above.

Conformance Queries
View the Test Cases of the selected partition.
This is experimental software. Please be patient, it might take a while till you see the results (rule of thumb: some 10-20s per TC)

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