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Comment LC-1726
Commenter: Ben Cerbera Millard <cerbera@projectcerbera.com>

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> If "HTML Basic" existed I think there would be a good argument to
> specify it instead.

Since text/html work has started again at W3C in the form of the HTMLWG,
perhaps an "HTML Basic" spec would now be feasible? Then again, the 1998
attempt at this [7] didn't take off, so reduced HTML was not the solution
even with devices *that* limited. And since current mobiles handle full HTML
websites, degrading content at the origin server seems ever more unnecessary
(the network can do this on-the-fly if it needs to be done).

Sincere thanks for taking the feedback from the new HTMLWG seriously. I too
hope HTMLWG will add more practical value to the W3C's Mobile Web Initiative
(MWI) [8].
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