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Comment LC-1699
Commenter: Henri Sivonen <hsivonen@iki.fi>

Resolution status:

> 1.3 Claiming mobileOK conformance
> A standard mechanism will be defined that allows content
> providers to
> claim that a URI or group of URIs, such as a Web site, conforms to
> mobileOK Basic or mobileOK Pro. It will be possible to make
> claims in
> a machine-processable form. It will also be possible to notify end
> users of the presence of the claim by means of a human-readable
> mark.

I think testing content along the lines of mobileOK should be part of
the internal quality assurance process of content providers. I think
it should not be part of the external marketing process.

When people are just hunting the badge for marketing purposes, they
may make silly workarounds to please the testing software while
actually making the user experience worse.
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