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Comment LC-2568
Commenter: Andrew Arch <andrew.arch@finance.gov.au> on behalf of Australian Government Information Management Office

Resolution status:

PDF Techniques - The examples with the illustrations are very useful, but we note they are exclusively from Word, OpenOffice Writer and Acrobat, and not necessarily the latest versions.

Proposed Change:
The W3C may like to consider including examples and illustrations from other common PDF authoring tools such as WordPerfect and InDesign.

The guidance would greatly benefit the use of a hide/reveal option (or link to a separate URI), displaying only examples and illustrations that are of particular use to the reader. This functionality is already available in other portions of the W3C site, to great value, such as the "How to Meet WCAG 2.0 Quick Reference" and "Diversity of Web Users".

In regards to Acrobat, the examples and illustrations refer exclusively to Acrobat 9 Pro. Acrobat X Pro is available and may need to be included in examples and illustrations. We are aware of many organisations that are also still using Acrobat 8 Pro, so examples with this version would also make a welcome addition if there are any differences in the capabilities or processes from Acrobat 9.

Similarly in regards to Microsoft Office Word, examples and illustrations refer mostly to Word 2007 and sometimes to Word 2003. In other places Word seems to be used generically with no version indicated. With Word 2010 in common usage, this needs to be included in the examples and illustration. Where Word is just referred to, it would be useful to indicate the version that the discussion is relevant for. Word versions for Mac OSX should also be included.
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