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Comment LC-2564
Commenter: Andrew Arch <andrew.arch@finance.gov.au> on behalf of Australian Government Information Management Office

Resolution status:

PDF Authoring Tools that Provide Accessibility Support - http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/2011/WD-WCAG20-TECHS-20110621/pdf.html#pdf_notes_acc-sup_files_applications

Many PDF generators do not allow creation of accessible PDF files.

Proposed Change:
Consider adding a statement (or warning) in this section to indicate that many of the (inexpensive) PDF creation tools do not enable authors to create accessible tagged PDF files. Furthermore, there has been, or perhaps may still exist, an issue when people print to PDF from their word processing software and in the process create untagged files. Readers should also be warned about this issue if it remains unresolved.
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