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Comment LC-2616
Commenter: Duff Johnson <djohnson@commonlook.com>

Resolution status:

I understand that it's called "focus order", but this SC refers to “navigation”, as does the Guideline. I get how tabbing between links / fields might seem like "navigation", but that seems very HTML/Flash-specific and it's not even fair to those formats (frankly) either, since that's hardly the only (or primary) means of "navigation" in HTML, at least.

SC 2.4.3 is the _only_ Level A criterion that mentions "navigation", and yet judging by the Techniques (HTML and PDF) it's understood to be only applicable to content that includes focusable (read "input") elements. I don't understand this at all, and I did not find the "Understanding" text enlightening. Indeed, that text is suggestive in appearing to support (in part) my understanding of SC 2.4.3 that the SC's intent is more general than the traditional elements than "receive focus".

Since the SC appears to pertain to navigation, and if "focus" reasonably also includes structure elements, I would expect PDF9 to apply to this SC.

Proposed Change:
Add PDF9 to this SC. Also, I suggest considering that "navigation" goes beyond input elements - that's certainly the case in PDF, for example, and I would suspect, in other formats as well.
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