Structure Mockup for “Relationship Between
Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 and
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines”

W3C Editor's Draft, 17 April 2008

This version:
Alan Chuter (Fundación ONCE / Technosite)

There is concern in the working group that the scope of the document has grown beyond what can presently be managed. The proposal is to seperate the document into two scopes. This illustrates another evolution of the structure of the document. There are two demonstration pages for the MWBP to WCAG part.

Complete Inventory of Pages

With this structure there will be two multi-page documents:

How Compliance with one Recommendation Helps with the Other

This will be given priority.

How Accessibility Guidelines Can Help All Mobile Web Users and vice-versa

This will be put on hold until the preceding is complete, but will be available as a draft.