2017: PSIG re-chartered until 31 December 2018:


The PSIG is a Member-only Group. Meetings are announced on the IG's Member-only Group Page.


The Patent and Standards Interest Group (PSIG) is a forum for W3C Members and Invited Experts to discuss policy issues regarding the implementation of the W3C Patent Policy as well as new Patent-related questions that arise which require action or attention from the W3C Membership. The PSIG has no authority to create new policy or issue binding interpretations of the existing Patent Policy. However, input from the PSIG on the operation of the policy and areas that might require further policy development by a W3C Working Group is welcome.

The Patent and Standards Interest Group is a forum open to those responsible for patent policy matters in W3C Member organizations as well as a limited number of Invited Experts.


List of PSIG participants.

All Member-only resources like Meetings, Minutes and administrative details are linked from the Member-only Group Page

The results of the work of the PSIG can be seen on the Patent Policy FAQ pages.

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