Semantic Web Implementation Experiences with Annotea and Amaya

note with text Semantic web advanced development

Jose Kahan


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Annotations: introduction

concept: 2 annotations attached

Annotations: basic architecture

annotations from Annotea server

Annotations: RDF model

schema for annotations

Annotations: an Annotation Instance

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<r:RDF xmlns:r=""
<r:type resource="" />
<r:type resource="" />
<a:annotates r:resource="" />
<a:body r:resource="file:///home/swick/.amaya/annotations/postit.html" />
<?xml version="1.0" ?>

Annotations: annotation reply RDF model

schema for a reply

Annotations: interacting with the Annotea RDF store

If time, go thru the protocol document, otherwise, use the following content

Annotations: interacting with the Annotea RDF store (cont)

(namespace (a

ask '(
    (a::annotates ?annot
    (?property ?annot ?value))
:collect (?annot ?property ?value)) 

Annotations: clients

Annotations: current issues

Contributions to the field

Problems, !MVC, keeping all the RDF data

Bookmarks: introduction

Bookmarks: RDF model for bookmarks

an instance of a bookmark object

Bookmarks: RDF model for topics

Topic schema

Bookmarks: a topic hierarchy

an instance of a topic hierarchy

Bookmarks: organizing bookmark items with RDF collections

 <rdf:Description rdf:about="file:///home/kahan/.amaya/bookmarks.rdf#Topic1">
  <b:collection rdf:parseType="Collection">     <rdf:Description
         rdf:about="file:///home/kahan/.amaya/bookmarks.rdf#bookmark2" /> 
    <b:Separator /> 
         rdf:about="file:///home/kahan/.amaya/bookmarks.rdf#Topic4" /> 
         rdf:about="file:///home/kahan/.amaya/bookmarks.rdf#bookmark1" />


Bookmarks: exercise

Topic schema

Bookmarks: exercise (cont)

association a dc:title to an  rdf:seeAlso property

Bookmarks: new possibilities

Bookmarks: new possiblities (cont)

Bookmarks: new possibilities (cont)

separating user browsing preferences in a topic

Bookmarks: relocation of resources problem

Bookmarks: chosen solution: URNs + owl:sameAs

Bookmarks: conclusions

Bookmarks: future work

Developing in the Semantic Web: parsing

rdf parsing using raptor and callbacks

Developing in the Semantic Web: parsing (cont)

rdf parsing using redland and its API


libannotea sketch

Conclusions: my experience

More Information