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Validation Service (alpha)

N.B. THIS WEB PAGE IS HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL! See the notes on using below.

Test Data

Test Case

Basic integrity test case
Thesaurus compatibility test case (includes basic integrity tests)

Try e.g.:
  • http://isegserv.itd.rl.ac.uk/cvs-public/~checkout~/skos/schemarama/data/baddatabasic.turtle [Turtle]
  • http://isegserv.itd.rl.ac.uk/cvs-public/~checkout~/skos/schemarama/data/baddatathesaurus.turtle [Turtle]

Notes on using this service

The 'validation' is performed by a Schemarama 2 service, and the Schemarama 2 framework is highly experimental. Note also that the service uses the SKOS Core Integrity Testing and Quality Assurance tests, which are highly experimental.

A couple of practical notes about using this service:

(1) This service does not perform RDF syntax validation, and it is recommended that you perform RDF syntax validation on your data before submitting it to this service, e.g. see the W3C RDF Validation Service.

(2) This service reloads your data each time a test is run. This means that large data sets may take time to load. It also means that if you want to perform repeated tests on a large data set you may want to deploy your own Schemarama 2 service rather than repeatedly submitting to this service.

(3) The current strategy used by this service for checking circularity constraints doesn't scale very well, so anything more than a few hundred concepts might take a very long time to complete.