ISSUE-68: Broken JMS header properties example code

Bad JMS example

Broken JMS header properties example code

SOAP-JMS Binding specification
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Eric Johnson
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I was looking at the latest SOAP over JMS specification draft and in particular the description of setting JMS header (or QoS) properties, with example code:

The example code given in section "Setting JMS Message Header properties" will not work as described. These properties on a message can only be set by a JMS provider, and are basically read-only as far as clients are concerned. To send a message using non-default QoS values you need to use the four-argument send method, as shown in the final (commented out) line of the example. A corrected example would therefore use a method looking something like this:

// add appropriate error checking for your use....
public void someMethod(Context ctx, MessageProducer producer, Message jmsMessage,
String deliveryModeStr, String replyToName, int priority, long timeToLive) {

// set the delivery mode to the appropriate constant value.
int deliveryMode = deliveryModeStr.equals("PERSISTENT")
? DeliveryMode.PERSISTENT : DeliveryMode.NON_PERSISTENT;

// Set the reply destination, first looking it up using JNDI
Destination replyDestination = ctx.lookup(replyToName);

// and finally, send the message.
producer.send(jmsMessage, deliveryMode, priority, timeToLive);

Note the API for the Message class where these methods are documented as being solely for JMS providers:
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Eric Johnson, 6 Dec 2010, 20:18:40

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Eric Johnson, 13 Dec 2010, 23:17:47

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Eric Johnson, 3 Jan 2011, 22:35:14

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