ISSUE-64: Section 3.3.5 refers to encoding of parameters

URI encoding explanatory text too restrictive

Section 3.3.5 refers to encoding of parameters

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Mark Phillips
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The discussion on whitespace in the JMS URI has caused a colleague to raise
a minor issue with section 3.3.5 in the Binding spec. with regard to
encoding the URI for use in XML. The final paragraph in that section
states that:

"The values for parameters in the URI need to be encoded ("%20" for space,
for example) as per normal URI escaping rules, and the resulting URI needs
to be encoded as per normal XML rules ("&" for &) when serialized into
an XML attribute."

The problem with this sentence is that it specifically refers to URI
parameter values, but it is conceivable that other parts of the URI might
contain characters which need encoding, for example parameter names (or the
destination name itself in some variants).

To resolve the issue I propose that we modify the sentence so that ....

"The values for parameters in the URI"


"The characters in the URI"
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Related notes:

Opened as per 2010-10-05 call:

Eric Johnson, 5 Oct 2010, 18:58:34

Accepted proposal as per 2010-10-05 call

Eric Johnson, 5 Oct 2010, 18:58:59

Application of resolution accepted as per:

Eric Johnson, 19 Oct 2010, 00:12:47

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