ISSUE-34: XML Schema should define fault sub-code QName types

Fault sub-code QName

XML Schema should define fault sub-code QName types

SOAP-JMS Binding specification
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Peter Easton
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The soap-jms schema(currently the schema is an attachment to Action 44) should be enhanced to include fault sub-codes.

For example:

<xs:simpleType name="FaultCodesType">
<xs:restriction base="xs:QName">
<xs:enumeration value="tns:contentTypeMismatch"/>
<xs:enumeration value="tns:malformedRequestURI"/>
<xs:enumeration value="tns:mismatchedSoapAction"/>
<xs:enumeration value="tns:missingContentType"/>
<xs:enumeration value="tns:missingRequestURI"/>
<xs:enumeration value="tns:unrecognizedBindingVersion"/>
<xs:enumeration value="tns:unsupportedJMSMessageFormat"/>

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Eric Johnson, 25 May 2010, 02:28:24

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Eric Johnson, 21 Jun 2010, 23:38:56

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