WS Architecture Teleconference
20 Mar 2003


Present: Dave Orchard, Dave Hollander, David Booth, Doug Bunting, Eric Newcomer, Frank McCabe, Gerald Edgar, Geoff Arnold, Igor Sedukhin, Katia Sycara, Martin Chapman, Mark A Jones, Mike Mahan, Roger Cutler, Ron Daniels, Sandeep Kumar, Scott Vorthmann, Ugo Corda, Yin-Leng Husband, Assaf Arkin,

Regrets: Abbie Barbir, Chris Ferris, Daniel Austin, Don Mullen, Jeff Mishinsky, Katia Sycara, Mike Champion, Shishir Garg, Sinisa Zimek, Srinivas Pandrangi, Ugo Corda, Zulah Eckert

Chair: Dave Hollander

Scribe: Roger


<frankmccabe> The regrets should have been for last week!
... I plan to attend today

<dbooth> oh, well they say 3/21: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/w3c-ws-arch/2003Mar/0016.html

<frankmccabe> Oops!
... zakim's clock needs adjusting.

<dbooth> zakim just says that when the first person joins the conference. The 3:30PM is the scheduled time -- not the current time.

F2F Minutes

<dbooth> (Minutes approved)

Scribe: Minutes approved.

Last weeks minutes.

Scribe: Minutes approved.

Action Item Review.

Scribe: pending, pending, pending.
... Ugo - Policy meeting report - completed.
... All other action items pending.

Task force updates.

MTF: No meeting last week. Cancelled.

<dbooth> Yin-Leng: No meeting last week.

Scribe: Properties and Features: Don Mullen travelling, no report.
... Choreography F2F. Several WG members there.

Frank: First day, position papers.

Choreography F2F

Scribe: Surprise attendence from Microsoft. At least surprising to many.
... Second day: Trout pond issues. General approach questions.
... Include internal logic as well as external message traffic?
... Not resolved. Both need external view, however, and group will focus on that first.
... Difference between choreography and orchestration - some traction.
... Initial position to avoid using the work orchestration.
... Telephone conferences Tuesday 1 PM Pacific time. F2F staggered with WS-Arch.
... Staggered means scheduled to avoid conflicts. Not co-located or same time.
... 50 people showed up at choreography meeting. Add that to WSD and WSA and you've got too many for many hosts.

Eric: Some say MS has withdrawn from group. [n.b. This was subsequently confirmed by Microsoft]

Frank: MS doesn't want anything to do with orchestration.

Scribe: Don't like process control. Internal logic not good.
... MS rep was Greg Meredith -- Frank knows him.

Frank: presented architecture perspective to chor group.

Scribe: No big response + or -.
... Will be ongoing thing to keep terminology of arch and chor coherent.
... Action items for WSA from chor?

Frank: Issue about composition and names needs to be resolved.

Scribe: Composition is in choreography charter.
... Chor has been identifying a service with its description, which is not what we are doing.
... DaveH - Sounds like WSD will need to be involved with this one, too.
... ACTION: Chairs initiate contact wrt service descriptions and names.

<dbooth> ACTION: Chairs initiate contact wrt service descriptions and names.

Frank: Food excellent at choreography meeting. 50 people.

Scribe: Item #5 - Thanks to David Booth for handling voting.

Synchronous Definition

David: Closing time is tonight -- cannot close today.

Scribe: The first time the ballot went out the reply-to was not right, so be careful to look at the To: field.
... You are encouraged to vote early and often.
... There are only six votes now.

Reliable Messaging

Reliable Messaging

<dbooth> Roger: We have proposals for glossary definitions that have not generated much controversy for reliable messaging, etc. But we have controversy on "reliable".
... ... I intend to do a straw poll on "reliability".
... ... But no controvery yet on other terms.

Scribe: Thanks, David.
... Now is a good time to post thoughts about reliability definitions or new definitions.


Doug: Quick update on OASIS TC.

Scribe: At this point it doesn't really exist. Handling procedural things,.
... First meeting scheduled for 3/26. That will be its birthdate.
... Can then discuss alignment with architecture and liason with WSA.
... There are other people in WSA on WS-R TC, but DougB only one on call today.
... Eric, Frank, Katya: Are there issues related to refactored document?

<dougb> ACTION: Doug to pass along wishes for open communication to the WS-Reliability TC as it forms next week...

Eric: Still transforming to XML. Hugo on vacation, have not been able to sort out CVS access.

Scribe: Key issue has been resolved.
... Not a lot of progress, unfortunately.

<DaveH> any trout pond issues?

Frank: Concerned about progress.

Scribe: Recommend XMetal as a document editing tool.
... We probably have free access to XMetal.
... It was offered to this group, too.
... Softquad is the source.

<dbooth> Frank, XMetal offer: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/w3c-ws-arch/2002Feb/0055.html

Scribe: Call meeting to close early?
... DaveO - Hoping to volunteer to modifying travel use case to be less dynamic discovery.
... Actually, I think the idea is to create a new usage case with early binding.
... Hearing no further business, the meeting is closed.

<dbooth> DaveO, I'd be interested to know which of the general scenarios from http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/arch/2/10/roles_clean.htm it will be using.

<DaveH> I send regrets for next week...there will be a WSA meeting

Summary of Action Items

ACTION: Chairs initiate contact wrt service descriptions and names.
ACTION: Doug to pass along wishes for open communication to the WS-Reliability TC as it forms next week...

David Booth
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