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Internationalization Interest Group Charter

Mission & scope

The I18N IG (Internationalization Interest Group) is an Interest Group as defined by the W3C Process. The purpose of this IG is to help the I18N WG with advice and opinions from a larger group of people with knowledge in different languages and cultures as well as different parts of the Web architecture. The I18N IG also provides a forum for Members to discuss issues related to the internationalization of the Web.


The lifetime of this Interest Group is extended to last through August 2004.

Schedule & deliverables

The I18N IG does not produce "deliverables" in the form of Working Drafts, Notes, or software.

Coordination with other groups

The group maintains contact with other W3C groups, mainly through the I18N WG. Among others, the most important ones are:

Membership requirements

Membership of the IG is open to all employees of W3C member organizations. There are no minimum requirements, neither in terms of expertise, nor in terms of time. If members of the IG participate in the work of the I18N WG e.g. as editors of a Working Draft or Note, they have to commit as appropriate.

As described in the W3C Process document, experts who are not associated with member organizations can be invited by the chair, either for the duration of the Interest Group, or for particular discussions. Invited experts have to agree to the W3C invited experts and collaborators agreement.

Auxiliary, non-English mailing lists

When requested by several Interest Group members, the IG chair may create auxiliary mailing lists, on which members can discuss in a language other than English. An auxiliary list must only be used when necessary. A rapporteur (coordinator) must be available to assure close communication and coordination between the IG mailing list and the auxiliary mailing list. An auxiliary English-language mailing list will not be established.

Intellectual Property

W3C promotes an open working environment. Whenever possible, technical decisions should be made unencumbered by intellectual property right (IPR) claims.

Interest Group participants disclose patent and other IPR claims by sending email to <patent-issues@w3.org>; please see the Process Document, Section 2.2, for more information about disclosures.

Practical information & Confidentiality

The Web page of the I18N WG (http://www.w3.org/International/Group/) contains or links all essential information for the work of the IG, such as this charter, instructions on how to use the mailing list(s), event schedules, interesting documents, and a list of IG members.

The work of this IG is covered by the W3C member confidentiality agreement. In particular, the IG mailing list archive and the WG/IG home page will be readable by IG members and invited experts only. The I18N Activity statement contains a publicly accessible overview of the work of this Interest Group.

The chair of this group is Martin Dürst (W3C).

Misha Wolf, WG chair
Martin Dürst, IG chair and W3C staff contact
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