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Agenda of 7 November 2006 TAG teleconference

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  1. Administrative

    Chair: Vincent, Scribe: Norm

    Roll call -- Regrets: Tim, Dan, Dave

    Propose next teleconference: 14 November, appoint scribe: propose Dan

    Approve minutes of last teleconference (31 Oct.)

    Accept this agenda?

  2. Backplane meeting

    Update on TAG participation to the Backplane meeting, 20-21 Nov., Amsterdam

    See Henry's thoughts, Rich Web Application Backplane Note

  3. Issue metadataInURI-31

    Update on the current situation

    See last message from Noah, latest draft finding (7 Nov.)

    Pending actions:

  4. Issue Generic-resources-53

    The approved finding has been published and announced.

    Ian has sent some minor comments. How do we address them?

  5. issue TagSoupIntegration-54

    Many messages on www-tag. What is the next step?

  6. Any other issue?

Vincent Quint for TAG
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