RDB2RDF Errata


This document records errata and corrections suggested by the community in the RDB2RDF specifications as published on the 27 September 2012:

  1. Errata for Direct Mapping
  2. Errata for R2RML

These corrections have no normative status as they have not been incorporated in the specification through the Recommendation Track process. Ivan Herman, Semantic Web Activity lead, is the editor of this document. Note that the RDB2RDF WG has been closed; there may be issues relating to the RDB2RDF specifications which are not currently listed here. If you find something in one of the documents listed above that you believe may be an error and wish to have it recorded here, please post your discovery to the public-rdb2rdf-comments mailing list, cc-ing to the editor of this document, Ivan Herman. The community has the possibility to react on the post and, typically after 5-6 business days and unless the community strongly objects for the discovery to be recorded as an official erratum, the entry is added to this list by the editor.

The errata are separated into two sections, corresponding to the two parts of the specification.

Three kinds of changes are highlighted: new, added text and deleted text.

Errata for A Direct Mapping of Relational Data to RDF

27 September 2012 Recommendation:
Latest version:

Errata for R2RML: RDB to RDF Mapping Language

27 September 2012 Recommendation:
Latest version:

Ivan Herman (ivan@w3.org)

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