Semantic Web for Healthcare and Life Sciences F2F Meeting, January 2006

hosted in Cambridge by Partners Healthcare and Pfizer

additional sponsors: HP, Teranode

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The goals of this meeting are to:

by Tonya Hongsermeier and Eric Neumann, co-chairs
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The meeting was held in Cambridge, MA, Jan 25-26, 2006. See logistics details for exact location, hotel accomodations etc.


The following members of the IG attended:

  1. Agfa-Gevaert N. V.
  2. Alzheimer's Forum
  3. Bristol-Myers Squibb
  4. CSIRO Australia
  5. Chevron
  6. Harry Ellis
  7. HP
  8. Cerebra
  9. IBM
  10. Language and Computing
  11. Merck
  12. MIND (MassGeneral Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease)
  13. MITRE
  14. Oracle
  15. Partners HealthCare
  16. Pfizer
  18. Sandpiper Software
  19. Science Commons
  20. Semagix, Inc
  21. Siemens AG
  22. SRI
  23. Stanford University
  24. Teranode
  25. University of Manchester
  26. University Health Network (Toronto)
  27. Invited Experts
  28. W3C

Mr. Ralph Hodgson, Dean Allemang of TopQuadrant , Cindy Bailey of Plectix BioSystem, Mary Chitty of Cambridge HealthTech , Brian Osborne of BioPERL, anf Jeremy Zucker of Dana Farber attended the meeting as observers; they have not yet joined the IG.

See also: registration form

Agenda (draft posted)

Wed, 25 Jan

Thu, 26 Jan

Presentation Materials and Meeting Records

Presentations from (most of) the speakers are up on the site. Please send in any remaining presentations to Brian Gilman!

Meeting Summary

See: meeting notes.

Convene, Introductions, Basics (see slides)

From Bench to Bedside

How Tranlsational Medicine relies on the capture and sharing of semantically-ware information, and how semantic web applications could help facilitate this multi-disciplinary paradigm.


Sematic Web Primer

Presentation by Eric Miller on the W3C SW specifications, demonstrations, and some commercial implmentations.

Presentations: Use Cases and Applications

10 members of the IG were invited to speak briefly (10 min) to their most valued use cases and the relation of their work to their constituency.

Interactive Session and Reports

An interactive discussion was moderated by Eric and Tonya to try and form subtopics of relative similar interest. Six initial areas of interest were identified. These groups each worked for about an 1 1/2 hours, and then presented their concepts and proposals to all the F2F participants. Feedback was used to help refine the tasks that were proposed.

ROI for Semantic Web in HCLS

Intitiated Task Forces

These are the first draft of task forces that have been formed to address key areas to facilitate implementation of the semantic web in healthcare and life sciences. Each group is defining its topic of focus, their deliverables, and a rough timeline. The proposals for each task force are linked below.

Action Items


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