Minutes of 15 August 2000 Spec production teleconference

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There is no next meeting scheduled; discussion will take place on the spec-prod list (archive). Deadline for action items is 12 September.

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Janet Daly, Max Froumentin, Paul Grosso, Max Froumentin, Eduardo Gutentag, Hugo Haas, Patrick Ion, Ian Jacobs (Chair/Scribe), Susan Lesch, Philippe Le Hégaret, Arnaud Le Hors, Eve Maler, Norm Walsh. Also, Karl Best (briefly).

Chair Note: The bridge was full at the beginning of the call as the previous Working Group's teleconference ended. I apologize to those who missed the call because they were not able to join the call during the first few minutes.


Scribe Note: I've organized the minutes according to publication scenarios, not based on the order of comments.

Direct publication of XML documents

PG: We can distinguish two cases:

  1. Publishing XML documents directly with a canonical style sheet.
  2. Using XML as a source format for generating other formats, and not requiring that the source XML be readily publishable with a canonical style sheet.

PG: Documentation of processes and policies for naming, content negotiation, etc. when publishing html generated from xml, or when publishing xml directly. (Some issues that arose during publication of XML 1.0 second edition).

Tools people are using

For validation:
The W3C "comma tools" (for validation of HTML, CSS, link checking, etc.)
For generation of html from an xml or xhtml source:

EM: Do people expect to continue to author in xhtml and convert each time to XMLSpec, or to convert once to XMLspec and continue from there? Conversion strategies will differ depending on what your goals are in this regard. I recommend optimizing for one-time conversion.

For PDF/PS generation

ALH: We should focus on generating PDF. Then you get PS for free.

For text generation:
Lynx, Netscape.
For editing:
Epic, xed (NW to make Linux port available soon), emacs, etc.

Scribe Note: The previous list has been gleaned from the IRC log and does not constitute produce endorsement.

Tools people want

Other issues raised:

Summary of Action items

Results of all actions to be sent to spec-prod. Deadline for all action items: 12 September 2000.