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To help schedule ad-hoc meetings at TPAC2014, and to let people know they are taking place, we invite groups to use this space.

We encourage using the following multiple channels to let others know about ad-hoc meetings:

  • Twitter: #tpacadhoc
  • IRC channel: #tpacadhoc

Please put meetings in chronological order. Also, for readability, please feel free to use some other format (for example a table per day, sorted in time order).

This document is a DRAFT, i.e. it is a WorkInProgress (WIP) and thus will change. Feedback is welcome, preferably by directly editing this document, by sending email to (archive), or by tweeting to the group's @openw3c twitter account.

Monday Oct 27 - 11:00-15:00

ServiceWorker TPAC HACK

  • Summary: ServiceWorker TPAC HACK
  • Leader(s): TAG
  • Time: 1pm until end of day
  • Location: TAG room
  • IRC channel: #swhack
  • Phone PIN:

Web Security IG

  • Summary: Web Security IG meet all together
  • Leader(s): Virginie Galindo Web Security IG chair
  • Time: 14:00 to 15:00
  • Location: WebAppSec WG room
  • IRC channel: #websec
  • agenda : tentative
  • Phone PIN: no provisionned
  • minutes session

Tuesday Oct 28 - 11:00-15:00

Note: the Advisory Committee meeting will also be taking place at this time.

Credentials Community Group - Face-to-face

  • Summary: Newcomers welcome! This will be the first face-to-face meeting of the Credentials CG.
  • Background: A credential is a digitally signed qualification, achievement, quality, or piece of information about an entity’s background such as a name, government ID, payment provider, home address, or university degree. The purpose of the Credentials Community Group is to discuss, research, document, prototype, and test credential storage and exchange systems for the Web. This work is done in order to make progress toward possible future standardization and interoperability of both low and high-stakes credentials.
  • Leader(s): Manu Sporny (Digital Bazaar), Mary Bold (Accreditrust), Bill Gebert (ETS)
  • Participants: _PUT_YOUR_NAME_HERE_
  • Time: 11:30-12:30pm, lunch, 1:30-3:00pm
  • Location: Web Payments IG room
  • IRC channel: / irc://
  • Resources:
Credentials CG Overview
Credentials CG Charter
Credentials Roadmap
Credentials CG Use Cases

Thursday Oct 30 - 11:00-15:00

Note: the Advisory Committee meeting will also be taking place at this time.

Meeting Title

  • Summary:
  • Leader(s):
  • Time:
  • Location:
  • IRC channel:
  • Phone PIN:

Friday Oct 31 - 11:00-15:00

Meeting Title

  • Summary:
  • Leader(s):
  • Time:
  • Location:
  • IRC channel:
  • Phone PIN:

Ideas for the Processes to Manage the Ad-Hoc meetings

Tell Other Groups if you are planning to use Ad-Hoc time

  • Each group will make a decision how they wish to use ad-hoc time.
  • Chairs should let other groups know if they plan to make use of ad-hoc time (both in this wiki and on the chairs list).

Time management

  • A group may choose to use the entire four hours (11:00-15:00) for ad-hoc meeting time, none of it, or in-between. Just let people know your plans.

Space management

  • There are a a variety of spots in the hotel for very small ad-hoc meetings.
  • However, for larger ad-hoc meetings, and in general to accommodate a record number of TPAC participants, we ask that groups that take advantage of ad-hoc time to welcome ad-hoc meetings of various sizes within their rooms (until 3pm when regular meeting time resumes).
  • To help people stay within meeting room capacity, we plan to post that information in various places (e.g., on the Web, on the printed detailed schedule, and on signage outside of meeting rooms).


  • In general, ad-hoc meetings should be considered open to observers.
  • People who wish to organize private ad-hoc meetings may do so, but we assume these will be small and not take place in shared meeting space (that is, group meeting rooms).

Message Board

Notes from Ian Jacobs:

  • It seems to me that, like an unconference, it would be useful to have a centrally located (physical) message board where people can easily find out what ad-hoc meetings are happening, and propose their own. Each day, the message board would be refreshed.
  • I do not want to have to keep the wiki [1] and the message board in sync. Therefore, I propose that we use the wiki to gather information in advance. Each day I (or someone else) would copy anything in the wiki to the message board, which would then become the authoritative place to look for that day.
  • Chris Wilson thinks a monitor displaying info in this wiki might be better, and even volunteered to hunt down a monitor. Ian is for the moment favoring the usability of being able to write on a board while standing with several other people in front of it.

About Ad-Hoc Meetings at TPAC

This year we are building "unstructured time" into the middle of the day for two reasons:

  • to avoid overlap between the AC meeting and Working Group meetings.
  • in response to requests from some groups for sanctioned time to break into parallel task forces within their groups, for more cross-group interaction opportunities, and for hallway conversations.

The Working/Interest Group schedule for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday will thus be:

  • 08:30-11:00: Traditional Group ftf meetings
  • 11:00-15:00: Unstructured time (for those groups that so choose). This includes lunch.
  • 15:00-18:00: Traditional Group ftf meetings

Encouraging all groups to schedule their unstructured time at the same time creates more opportunities for interaction.

The AC meeting will take place during the 11:00-15:00 slot on Tuesday and Thursday. AC Representatives who would also like unstructured time within their Working Groups have the opportunity to use Monday and Friday and thus avoid conflict with the AC meeting.

In late 2013 and early 2014 there was significant discussion on w3c-ac-forum about this proposal, including some support and some counter-proposals. We hope this arrangement will reduce AC/Group overlap, and provide groups and AC Representatives sufficient scheduling flexibility so that we can avoid extending TPAC to evenings and weekends, or further shortening the AC meeting portion of the week.

TPAC 2014 Meeting feedback will help us determine the 2015 structure.