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TPAC Breakout: Second Screen for the Web

Hosts: Dominik Röttsches, Hongbo Min, Anssi Kostiainen

Time: Wednesday 13th November, 15:15h-16:15h

Location: TPAC Venue, Room: South Sea

IRC and Scribing

  • Scribe: Anssi Kostiainen
  • IRC: Please sign into IRC channel: #webscreens (channel is already open).


  • Nature of the Session: We're giving a presentation and demo on our efforts on standardizing and prototyping second screen access for the web. Second screen in this context means: Enabling the User Agent to access nearby displays, such as TVs or projectors. We're inviting interested parties to join our new CG.
  • Goals:
    • Introduce our idea for „Second Screen for the Web“ in the form of a presentation and demo
    • Invite and encourage interested attendees, especially implementors, to join the newly founded Webscreens Community Group that covers the topic
    • If time permits, have a small round of Q&A and discussion

Further Info



Minutes / Summary

Guidance from W3C

  • Clearly identify the goals of the breakout
  • Summarise from time-to-time, check understanding and clarify when necessary
  • Speak slowly and clearly, avoid idioms and jargon
  • Invite people to participate