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TPAC Breakout: Update on Offline

Chair: Natasha Rooney

Time: Wednesday 13th November, Afternoon (exact time TBD on the day)

Location: TPAC Venue (exact location TBD on the day)

IRC and Scribing

  • Scribe: Please volunteer!
  • How to Scribe: Please refer to the trusty scribe page.
  • IRC: Please sign into IRC channel: #offline (channel is already open).


  • Nature of the Session: We had a great Offline Breakout at last year's TPAC and a lot has happened since then. We have seen work in App Cache, Manifest files and now ServiceWorker. This session will give an overview of what is going on and give everyone a good opportunity to ask the experts questions and have some useful discussions on the topic which might bring about some issues which can be considered for future work.
  • Goals:
    • Bring attendee's understanding to the same level
    • Highlight the issues key to offline
    • Assess whether upcoming APIs, current APIs or a mix is needed for a complete offline solution
    • Determine what W3C groups can do next.
  • Minimal Participation Requirement: Basic understanding of existing / previous offline solutions (App Cache, LocalStorage, IndexedDB)

Key Topics / Questions

Here is a list of items / questions which we would like to discuss at the session. Please add as you please.

  • ServiceWorker and how it applies to offline
  • What APIs does an app developer need to create a fully offline web app? (IndexedDB, LocalStorage)
  • Are these solutions scalable?
  • Quota API
  • What is missing? (APIs, Events etc.)
  • Which level of trust/security can we expect from all solutions ?


Guidance from W3C

  • Clearly identify the goals of the breakout
  • Summarise from time-to-time, check understanding and clarify when necessary
  • Speak slowly and clearly, avoid idioms and jargon
  • Invite people to participate