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Web Intents and Web Intents for local services

Chaired by Claes Nilsson and Naoyuki Sato/Sony.

See MoM HTML or raw IRC log.


  • More than 60 participants.
  • Greg Billock/Google gave a short overview on Web Intents and status of issues discussed.
  • Claes Nilsson / Sony presented the work on using Web Intents for local network services, Presentation of Web Intents for local services. Specification is here: Web Intents Addendum local services.
  • Demos:
    • Naoyuki Sato and Claes Nilsson/Sony demoed a use case in which a web page running in the laptop provides a list of video clips to be viewed. In addition to viewing the videos within the web page it is possible to discover a Web Intents/UPnP or mDNS enabled device, "TV", in the local network using the Web Intents Addendum and show the videos on this remote device and conrol it from the Web Application. See demo explanation
    • Kensaku Komatsu / NTT Communications showed a demo in which a web application showing Youtube videos can use Web Intents to find a TV in the local network and play/control the video playback. This solution is based on a local "proxy" and does not require additions to the remote device so legacy UPnP/mDNS devices can be accessed. See demo explanation.
  • Discussion. See MoM.

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