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A breakout session during Plenary Day at TPAC 2012.

Presenter : Aurélien Levy & Elie Sloim

Summary w3c develop standards on various web technologies but until now there is no wide and open reflexion inside the consortium on how people must use these standards to deliver a good experience for their customers/users. Temesis leads the Opquast (Open quality standards) project since several years and already produce various best practices (SEO, Performance, OpenData, Accessibility) with help of various contributors under a Creative Commons BY-SA License . This session will be the occasion to discuss altogether if there is an opportunity to work on those subjects inside a w3c environment

  • What is Opquast?
  • What is the objectives of the project ?
  • What is the methodology to create UX best practices ?
  • What we already have as best practices ?
  • How can we move forward in a w3c process ?
  • Discussion raised by these points!

See the slides on slideshare