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See also the announcement.


Membership of the group is open to everybody but all participants must sign the W3C Community Contributor License Agreement by joining the group.

Call info

This call will take place across IRC for text chat and Mumble for voice (there are clients for every mainstream OS). The call will be scribed for the record and so individuals who are unwilling or unable to speak on voice to be able to participate.

  • Time: Friday, May 5th of 2017 at 4PM GMT
  • IRC: #social on irc.w3.org
  • Mumble: Connect to: dustycloud.org / port 64738 / password “goblincamp”. Join the Social Web Incubator Community Group channel.
    • Please mute yourself or use push to talk so as to not interrupt when others are speaking!
    • Also be sure to wear headphones when using a microphone. Otherwise there will be an echo and everyone will be sad.
    • If this is your first time using Mumble, please show up 10-15 minutes early to set up your audio. (The audio wizard makes this pretty easy.)


This is a more loose meeting for people to introduce themselves and for us to kick off topics of the group.

  • Introductions
  • State of the Social Working Group
  • Topics for the Social Community Group to handle
    • ActivityStreams / ActivityPub extensions?
    • Common Terms of Service documents?
    • Anti-abuse tooling?
    • Insert your topic here!
  • Future meetings
    • Does this setup work?
    • Planning the next meeting (in two weeks?)
    • Sub-topics are welcome to arrange calls using this setup