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Child combinator A > B

The > (greater than) combinator represents a strict child/parent relationship where element "B" is a direct child element of it's parent element "A".


A > B{ preperties }

Point, Note

  • A child combinator is made of the "greater-than sign" (>) character and separates two sequences of simple selectors.
  • For information on selecting the first child of an element, please see the section on the :first-child pseudo-class above.



   font-size: 1.1em;
 h1 > .myclass{
   font-style: italic;
 h1 > span > em{
   color: red;


<h1>This <span class="myclass">headline
is <em>very</em> important</span>

Css3 selectors child.png

CSS defines the child combinator in 8.2. Child combinators.