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The direction property specifies the base writing direction of blocks and the direction of embeddings and overrides for the Unicode bidirectional algorithm.


Values ltr | rtl | inherit
Initial value ltr
Applies to All elements
Inherited Yes

Point, Note

  • Also, it specifies the direction of table column layout, the direction of horizontal overflow, and the position of an incomplete last line in a block in case of 'text-align: justify'.

  • This property, when specified for table column elements, is not inherited by cells in the column since columns are not the ancestors of the cells in the document tree.


  • ltr
    Left-to-right direction.

  • rtl
    Right-to-left direction.

  • inherit
    Takes the same specified value as the property for the element's parent.

CSS Reference

The CSS specification defines the direction property in 9.10 Text direction.