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Amy Guy

Preferred communication mechanisms, equally:

  • Email (
    • for longer discussions that don't require an instant response.
    • for self-contained, one-reply, easy questions (I'll probably reply quickly, if it really is an easy question and I don't need to look anything up to respond).
    • for something I'm likely to want to put in my todo list (note: email does not automatically get added to my todo list!).
    • with information I'll want to be able to easily find again later.
  • IRC (rhiaro on imaginarynet, freenode and w3c)
    • I get notifications on my phone if you mention me (while client is connected).
    • My IRC server logs everything when I'm not looking at a client, so you can leave me messages.
    • If I'm not replying in IRC (my client likely just disconnected) and you need an urgent IM conversation, tweet or DM @rhiaro and I'll reconnect to IRC (unless I'm busy or have a bad connection).

Github username: rhiaro (for discussion of specific projects in appropriate github threads)

You can also send webmentions to