MBUI Munich F2F 11-07-2013

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Meeting Minutes for 11/07/2013

9.00 - 10.00 * The new Ubiquitous Application Design Community Group

Dave's presentation on the community group: Ubiquitous Applications
Relationships progressive enhancement and responsive design
OpenLazlo: bad timing, way ahead
Central tasks vs. core tasks
Tasks vs. context
AUI: dialogue vs. behavior
Community Group: everybody can join
Goal: make a stronger dialogue between redevelopers and researchers
Goal: prepare specifications, tutorials to get developer's feedback
Content: add toolkits available for Maria, UsiXML, etc
Please: join the group, collaborate with contents, promote discussion

10.00 - 10.30 * What is involved in moving specs along the W3C Recommendation Track

Set of 6 phases until reach a W3C recommendation
technical report: first public working draft
recommendation track
when to publish the first public working draft for the AUI
implementation reports: who is willing to lead this task
possible proposal: do the implementation while the group is in 'sleeping_mode' then use the CG to discuss and test 
not mature enough for implementations vs. early implementation lead to feedback and could help to achieve a stable version of the specification
heiko states that the AUI mm looks complete enough to support implementation
to check synchronization efforts to 'adapt' task editors (e.g. palanque's one) and abstract ui editors (e.g. tesoriero's)

See the W3C Recommendation Track Process How can we demonstrate interoperability across all features in the task and abstract UI model specifications? Who will be able to provide implementation reports?

10.30 - 11.00 * What do we expect to have achieved by the end of the current charter (30 November 2013) How can we attract greater industry participation in the working group?

planning efforts necessary for interoperability tests by end of november
creating a sub charter work on specifications
get developer's feedback

11.00 - 12.00 * What do we need to do about rechartering? See current charter