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Team Comment on the "Volkswagen Infotainment Web Interface (viwi)" Submission

W3C is pleased to receive the viwi submission from Volkswagen AG. The viwi protocol and accompanying service descriptions documents are a HTTP-based protocol and APIs for being able to access within a protected Local Area Network (LAN) various services provided by a vehicle. The service definitions that are part of this submission cover vehicle signals (telematics data, eg speed, engine temperature) [1][2], media services, media libraries and other stored content. In addition to HTTP requests, data can be available continuously as updates are available through a WebSocket.

Related Work

The W3C Automotive Working Group (WG) was recently rechartered to continue work on its Vehicle Signal Server Specification which is a WebSocket service for accessing vehicle signals data based on the data model in Genivi's Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS).

Future Work

The Chairs of both the Automotive WG and the Automotive WebPlatform Business Group (BG), Team Contacts and group participants have previewed the viwi materials and concluded that the BG will take up viwi with the intention of working towards a convergence plan with the specification the WG is currently chartered to produce.

Continuing discussion of this topic is welcome via the Automotive the Web Platform Business Group's public email list public-autowebplatform@w3.org [archive].

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