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W3C Member Submission Request: ccREL

Submitted Materials

We, W3C Member Creative Commons, hereby submit to the Consortium the following specification, comprising the following document(s) attached hereto:

  1. ccREL: the Creative Commons Rights Expression Language and all embedded graphics.

which collectively are referred to as "the Submission". We request the Submission be known as the ccREL Submission.


This paper introduces the Creative Commons Rights Expression Language (ccREL), the standard recommended by Creative Commons (CC) for machine-readable expression of copyright licensing terms and related information. ccREL and its description in this paper supersede all previous Creative Commons recommendations for expressing licensing metadata. Like CC's previous recommendation, ccREL is based on the World-Wide Web Consortium's Resource Description Framework (RDF). Compared to the previous recommendation, ccREL is intended to be both easier for content creators and publishers to provide, and more convenient for user communities and tool builders to consume, extend, and redistribute.

Intellectual Property Statements


Creative Commons hereby grants to the W3C a perpetual, nonexclusive, royalty-free, world-wide right and license under any Creative Commons copyrights on this contribution, to copy, publish and distribute the contribution under the Creative Commons Attribution License, v3.0, or under the W3C Document License.

(Note: we agree that the document then published by the W3C would be published under a dual CC-W3C license.)

Trade and Service Marks (if any marks identified)

The Submission request or Submission refers to the following trade and service marks (registered or not): ccREL, Creative Commons.


The organization I represent on the W3C Advisory Committee agrees to offer licenses according to the W3C Royalty-Free licensing requirements described in section 5 of the 5 February 2004 W3C Patent Policy for any portion of the Submission that is subsequently incorporated in a W3C Recommendation.

Required proprietary technology

This submission does not use any proprietary technology.

Suggested action

We suggest that the Consortium publish this paper as a Member Submission that complements (but need not be included in REC track) RDFa.


Beyond approving and publishing this note, no additional resources are required.


Inquiries from the public or press about this Submission should be directed to: ben@adida.net.


this 1st of May, 2008,

Ben Adida