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Submission request to W3C (W3C Team Comment)

We, W3C member Cisco Systems, hereby submit to the Consortium the following specification, comprising the following document attached hereto:
  1. Form-based Device Input and Upload in HTML

which is referred to as "the submission". We request the submission be known as the device-upload submission.


Currently, HTML forms allow the producer of the form to request information, including files of data, from the operator using the form. However, this capability is limited because HTML forms don't provide a way to ask the operator to submit input from arbitrary sources such as audio devices like microphones. Since input and upload from various devices is a feature that will benefit many applications, this draft proposes an extension to the HTML INPUT type="file" form element. Motivations include language instruction assistance, voice transcription, and high-quality speech transmission under low-bandwidth conditions.

Intellectual property Rights

This document and translations of it may be copied and furnished to others, and derivative works that comment on or otherwise explain it or assist in its implementation may be prepared, copied, published and distributed, in whole or in part, without restriction of any kind. This document may be modified as needed for the purpose of developing W3C and Internet standards or as required to translate it into languages other than English. These permissions are granted perpetually and will not be revoked by the author or his successors or assigns. Moreover, the author will not make any effort to restrict the use of the information contained in this document.

This document and the information contained herein is provided on an "as is" basis and the author disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to any warranty that the use of the information herein will not infringe on any rights or any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In the opinion of the author, use of the information contained in this document does not infringe on any rights.


There are no registered marks refered to in this request or the submission.


The submission may distributed within the membership of the W3C free of any fee.


There are no points to be noted as regards licensable technology specified in the submission.

Suggested action

We suggest that the Consortium adopt the submission as a Recommendation, noting that it is a viable extension to HTML versions 3.2 and above. We ask that the HTML Working Group consider this submission prior to the consideration of other forms proposals for the following reasons:

  1. The core proposal has been pending in various forms since 1993.
  2. The proposals, in the opinion of the author, provide significantly more utility than any other pending proposal.
  3. The proposal extends existing recommendations, including HTML 3.2 and all subsequent versions; it is not limited to XHTML forms.


To help with this work, we expect to be able to provide one non-resident document editor, expending no more than two hours per week, to the Consortium.

Change control

Should any changes be required to the document, we would expect future versions to be produced by W3C process.


Inquiries from the public or press about this submission should be directed to: James Salsman (Cisco Systems and Bovik Research Inst.), jsalsman@{cisco.com,bovik.org}, phone +1-650-967-2737.


this 2nd day of July, 1999,

John Whitehead (Cisco Systems), jfw@cisco.com, phone +1-408-527-2809